Mentor Graphics Announces EtherCAT Master for Nucleus RTOS

mentorgraphics_logoMentor Graphics Corp. has announced EtherCAT Master protocol support for the Mentor Embedded Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS) targeting high-performance, next-generation industrial automation devices. The Nucleus RTOS combined with the KPA EtherCAT Master stack provides a fully integrated reference software solution that streamlines development time and cost for device developers. Designed to meet the rigorous timing requirements for industrial automation, the reference solution delivers EtherCAT cycle times of 100 microsecond cycles (10,000 frames per second) with an extremely low jitter rate for precise device synchronization. The Nucleus RTOS with KPA EtherCAT Master protocol is suitable for devices with hard and soft real-time requirements in industrial automation, as well as medical, energy and other market segments.

The need for high speed, time synchronization and efficiency in industrial automation networks places new requirements on industrial device manufacturers. EtherCAT is a highly scalable Ethernet protocol that is being adopted at a rapid rate. The Nucleus RTOS with KPA EtherCAT Master provides industrial device manufacturers with a fully integrated solution that improves communication performance. This results in greater throughput to reduce manufacturing cost, improve yield and system accuracy.  The reference solution provides developers with a lightweight, highly scalable solution that can be configured for ARM-based platforms.

The low-overhead KPA EtherCAT stack has been optimized for embedded devices. The real-time performance of the Nucleus RTOS and the deterministic qualities of EtherCAT communication provides the speed and synchronization required in today’s industrial automation devices.  The EtherCAT solution includes the KPA EtherCAT Studio configuration tool, and sample applications which have been integrated with Nucleus RTOS and the Sourcery CodeBench integrated development environment (IDE).

About Mentor Embedded

The Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division enables embedded development for a variety of applications in numerous market segments including internet of things (IoT), automotive, industrial, medical, smart energy, and consumer electronics. Embedded developers can create systems with the latest processors and micro-controllers with commercially supported and customizable Linux®-based solutions including the industry-leading Sourcery CodeBench and Mentor Embedded Linux products.  For real-time systems, developers can take advantage of the highly scalable, safety-certifiable Nucleus RTOS. For more information, visit

About Mentor Graphics Corp.

Established in 1981, Mentor Graphics Corp.  reported revenues in the last fiscal year of approximately $1.18 billion. Corporate headquarters are located at 8005 S.W. Boeckman Road, Wilsonville, OR.

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