MB Dynamics Introduces Model CAL25HF

for Electrodynamic Air Bearing Vibration Exciter

MB Dynamics has introduced the Model CAL25HF high-frequency electrodynamic air bearing vibration exciter.

The Model CAL25HF offers transverse performance over traditional flexural-based calibration exciters, with operation over an operating bandwidth of 3 Hz to 20 kHz. It is available as either a stand-alone unit, or as part of a larger automated calibration test system. The air bearing design of the Model CAL25HF incorporates a Beryllium (Be) armature and removable Be test instrument mounting fixture (TIMF), for the necessary high stiffness, low mass and high resonant frequency required. Pneumatic-based automatic payload re-centering helps to mitigate the risks of unwanted noise on the armature.

The Model CAL25HF further features an IEPE internal reference accelerometer with 20 mV/g sensitivity (optional 100 mV/g), not built into the armature. The internal reference accelerometer offers a <1 Hz to 55 kHz usable frequency range, 70 kHz mounted resonance and low sensitivity to thermal drift. Back-to-back calibrations of the Model CAL25HF are performed by comparing device-under-test (DUT) output to known reference accelerometer output values. The Model CAL25HF is compliant with ISO 16063-21, Clauses 4.3 & 4.4, with its transverse motion specifications meeting ISO 16063-21.

Typical applications for the Model CAL25HF include high-volume accelerometer calibrations, sensor manufacturing quality assurance testing, and in-laboratory R&D instrumentation verifications. Units are designed to calibrate accelerometers and vibration sensors with diameters of up to 70 millimeters and weights of up to 910 grams. The Model CAL25HF is one of three air bearing exciters available from MB Dynamics. Each offers low cross-axis sensitivity and low distortion motion performance. Other offerings include the Model CAL25AB, operating to 15 kHz; and the Model CAL12AB, operating to 15 kHz, with lower rated force output.

For more information, visit MB Dynamics website.

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