Maplesoft Partners with Instructure

Maplesoft_logo2xWATERLOO, Canada, Sep 29, 2016 – Maplesoft, developer of Maple T.A., today announced that it has entered into an alliance partnership with Instructure, makers of Canvas, a modern learning management system (LMS) that makes teaching and learning easier for educators and students. With this partnership, Instructure will recommend Maple T.A. to its customers.

Maple T.A., an online testing and assessment platform designed especially for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses, can be easily accessed from within the Canvas environment. The integration provides a single platform for students to access assignments, regardless of which system they were created in, and a consolidated gradebook for instructors. Maple T.A’s standard math notation, sophisticated plotting, free-response math questions, and intelligent grading of responses can all be accessed and used while remaining in the Canvas environment. This will reduce overhead while providing a seamless experience for instructors and students.

“We believe that integrating Maple T.A. with Canvas provides tremendous advantages to both students and instructors,” said Tara Gunther, senior director, sales & strategic alliances, Instructure. “Maple T.A.’s automated testing and assessment features can be accessed from within the Canvas environment, allowing instructors to seamlessly manage their course material, keep track of student performance and provide immediate feedback and intervention.”

“Customers of both companies stand to gain from the integration of Maple T.A. with Canvas,” said Darren McIntyre, executive vice president, Business Development, Maplesoft. “Maple T.A. enables true assessment of student learning, especially for STEM-based courses. Being able to access and use Maple T.A. from within the Canvas environment makes it very easy and convenient for Canvas users to benefit from these two powerful online learning tools.”

To learn how the University of Birmingham benefitted from using Maple T.A and Canvas, watch the recorded webinar, “Connecting Maple T.A. to Your Learning Management System.”

About Maplesoft

Maplesoft has provided mathematics-based software solutions to educators and researchers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields for over 25 years.  Maplesoft’s flagship product, Maple, combines the world’s most powerful mathematics engine with an interface that makes it extremely easy to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems. Building on this technology, Maplesoft also provides STEM-focused solutions for online assessment, modeling and simulation, and online courseware, offering modern solutions to meet the particular needs of STEM education and research. Maplesoft products and services are used by more than 8000 educational institutions, research labs, and companies, in over 90 countries.

Maplesoft is a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems Group.

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