Magnacad Releases Magna-Catalogs for IronCAD Community

NEW YORK, NY, July 25, 2017 – Magnacad, LLC today announced the availability of their “Magna-Catalogs “ collection  to the global IronCAD comunity. Magna-Catalogs are developed using only the functionality found in the core architecture of IronCAD solutions. By not using any specific programming language to develop them, makes them ideal for IronCAD users to adapt and modify to suit their own needs without the need for programming skills. Magnacad will maintain this practice moving forward. So as new tools are implemented in the IronCAD solutions, these catalogs will evolve with them.

Sample of the Simplify 3D factory file for a shelf included in the “Mag-ZYYX” Magna-Catalog download. Simplify3D slicer software comes included with Magnacad’s ZYYX 3D printers.

Magna-Catalogs (and any updates) are automatically provided to Magnacad customers who are on a current support maintenance program. ” We value our customers support and by providing Magna-Catalogs is just another way we strive to provide them with quality tools that promote productivity and education,” said Tom Lehnhaeuser, President, Magnacad, LLC. Since Magna-Catalogs are developed using only the capabilities found in IronCAD, the customer can reverse engineer the components to understand how they were created thereby gaining educational insight. Additionally, the components in the catalogs are developed using 100% customer input primarily received through Magnacad’s technical support department.

With this release, Magnacad has made the “Magna-Catalogs” not only available to their existing customer base, but to the entire IronCAD user global community. However, for IronCAD users who are not active Magnacad customers, they will had small fees in order to get immediate download to the catalog of choice. “We wanted to make these useful to all IronCAD users at a very small and reasonable price point”, said Tom.

These new  catalogs have new enhancements in the 3D printing realm as well as improved educational resources integrated for more detailed explanations on the more complex components.

”We will continue to develop Magna-Catalogs as long as we continue to have such loyal and passionate customers,” stated Tom.

About Magnacad, LLC 

Magnacad is a major supplier of the most innovative and mission critical software for design professionals and enterprises nationwide. They have been involved in the industry over twenty years and have seen a need to provide services and solutions that are a dramatic change to the way organizations maintain their design and engineering infrastructure.

About IronCAD, LLC

Based in Atlanta, GA, IronCAD, LLC is a leading provider of 3D design productivity solutions that deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and productivity. Individual components of this solution can be used standalone, complementary within an existing design environment, or can be used together to collaborate effectively throughout the enterprise to extend productivity.

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