MachineWorks, Convergent Science Partner for Polygonica

SHEFFIELD, UK, Apr 26, 2016 – MachineWorks has announced a technical partnership with Convergent Science.

Convergent Science, a world leader in computational fluid dynamics software, has integrated Polygonica geometry libraries within their latest version of their software to help automatic mesh cleaning functionality.

Convergent Science’s CONVERGE software contains innovative features to accurately and efficiently model flow, spray, combustion, and other processes in internal combustion engines and a wide variety of other applications. CONVERGE eliminates all user meshing time by automatically creating the geometry at run time, and CONVERGE can simulate even complex moving geometries. The CONVERGE solver depends on error-free geometries, and users can perform geometry preparation tasks in the CONVERGE Studio graphical user interface.

In the latest version of CONVERGE Studio, multiple performance improvements have translated into increased efficiency when executing geometry operations thanks to Polygonica Software.

Polygonica geometry handling functions help create a new surface wrapper to accelerate the polygon mesh clean-up process and to streamline the pre-processing workflow.

“With Polygonica Convergent Science is able to help its customers clean up their geometry in a timely manner,” said Sarangarajan Vijayraghavan, senior research engineer at Convergent Science.

”We are thrilled to welcome a CFD market leader into the growing ranks of Polygonica customers,” said Dr David Knight, sales manager for Polygonica. “This shows how industrially proven Polygonica algorithms can be applied to different markets with individual requirements”


CONVERGE is a multipurpose computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code with innovative features including a fully coupled automated mesh created at runtime and adaptive mesh refinement (AMR). CONVERGE:

  • eliminates all user meshing time.
  • automates the setup of moving boundaries
  • eliminates the deforming mesh issues typically associated with moving boundaries
  • creates perfectly orthogonal cells, resulting in improved accuracy and simplified numerics
  • maintains the true geometry, independent of the mesh resolution

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About Polygonica

Polygonica is a solid modelling software toolkit for processing polygon meshes. Built on MachineWorks’ core engines, Polygonica’s unique polygonal modelling technology takes advantage of 20 years of development providing automatic, fast and robust Boolean operations. Other algorithms in Polygonica allow solid healing, simplification, slicing, sectioning and spun profile calculation.

Polygonica has a wide range of applications such as CFD/FEA meshing, CAD/CAM/CAE, additive manufacturing where there is a requirement to repair defective models with vast numbers of polygons, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, 3D movies and gaming, geo-exploring, urban modelling and other 3D digital applications.

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