Lundstrom Releases Marine Design Tutorial Movies for TouchCAD

SOLNA, Sweden, Aug 3, 2017 – Lundstrom Design has released an extended library of marine design tutorial movies for TouchCAD.

These new TouchCAD movies include boat hull fairing, interior boat design, balancing sailboats in terms of weights, center of gravity, sail plan vs lateral plane, sail design from scratch to nested cutting files with seam allowances, image mapping on sails, how to reverse engineer a boat hull based on 2D drawings and pictures, and how to optimize the use of material in flat unwrapped 2D panels using the unique 3D/2D features with dynamic links in between.

TouchCAD was originally developed specifically for boat design, having traditional boat design cross-sectioning features that dynamically and automatically updates in 3D when control points are moved. This modern version of the traditional marine design methods gives a far better shape control than you normally get in standard CAD programs.

Besides the traditional hull fairing features, TouchCAD also allows modeling of most details of a boat and preparing it for production. The advantage is that a single package allows pre- fitting of details relative to one another in the complex shapes used on a boat, marking out how they fit on given panels, optimizing the use of material, unfolding / unwrapping all relevant panels and nesting them into ready to cut files. At the same time weights and center of gravity, and various marine specific calculations are calculated.

The movies can be found here:

Besides the marine design side, TouchCAD is also used for various types of designs of fabrics based objects, such as tents, awnings, sail roofs, inflatables, balloons and blimps, boat covers, sails, etc.

Other key features include image mapping on complex 3D shapes, and calculating super high resolution unwrapped panels thereof complete with seam allowances with bleed, and nested for print and cut in an optimal way.

As an example of image mapping, this 156 feet long and 65 foot tall airship used for promoting the Despicable Me 2 movie. Full image wrap consisting 1680 unfolded vinyl panels with an average size of about 1 square meters each. The print area was 1.5 meters by just under 1500 meters in length, and the image size processed was 798 megapixels. Here is a link to a presentation movie of the project :

TouchCAD is a product of Lundstrom Design in Sweden, and it’s available for Mac OSX and Windows systems.

More info can be found at

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