Lumion v11.3 Released

With new features and workfow tools, Lumion 11.3 continues to enhance the rendering process by bringing architects and the art of rendering even closer together. In Lumion 11.3, available as a free update for current Lumion 11 users, people can create professional, cinematic lighting throughout your render with a simplicity that’s as natural as sketching on a piece of paper.

Diffuse light throughout the bedroom of your interior project, casting vivid shadows of the furniture on the walls and the ceiling. Expose the beauty, the atmosphere or the chaotic nuances of how real life would unfold in the home you designed. Add a little favor when communicating the movement of people through a landscape design or a commercial building.With Lumion 11.3, there’s no limit to how you can help people experience the life and emotion contained within your design.

What’s new in Lumion 11.3

Shadows for omni lights

Illuminate a space with light and its story will unfold from the shadows. With the new shadows for omni lights, rendering architectural design with the vitality of dynamic lighting becomes a natural, integrated part of your process. Simply apply an omni light object and Lumion takes care of the rest. The light and shadow come alive, looking exactly as they should and dancing in time to the tune of your design.

Multifunctional clip planes

There is a unique favor to every work of architecture, a quality that’s inherently personal to the architect and exclusive in style. Showing that can sometimes be a challenge, but now in Lumion 11.3, you can reveal all the layers of your design, from multiple angles, with the multifunctional clip planes option.

New character silhouettes

In the world of architectural rendering, your design is the star of the show. So when you want to clearly communicate a deeper level of information about your project, without distracting from the design, you can take advantage of the new character silhouettes available in Lumion 11.3.

Animate conceptual people-fows. Show the division of space. No matter what you want to accomplish, Lumion makes it easy to place your design at the center of an unforgettable presentation.

Improved group selection

Nature and fne-detail nature models. Interior and exterior furnishings. Lighting objects. People. Animals. With the more than 6,200 objects in the Lumion content library, creating a lively scene becomes an enjoyable, point-and-click affair. With improved group selection and editing in Lumion 11.3, you’ll have even more control over the management of your Lumion project and all the objects and groups of objects within it.

Rendered measurements

How high are the walls? What’s the slope of the roof? How far apart are these two objects?

These are quintessential details that clients, colleagues and other invested parties will need to know, and in Lumion 11.3, you can skillfully create informative yet beautiful images and animations that show all the measurements throughout your design.

Other improvements

Continuing their mission to ease the rendering process while helping architects express all the intricate details of their vision, Lumion 11.3 also comes with a lot of minor improvements.

They’ve updated the Lumion lighting editor interface, removed a few fne-detail nature restrictions, added new built-in tutorials for photo and movie mode, updated the material highlight effect and the mass move effect, and more. Check out the Lumion 11.3 Release Notes for more information.

How to get Lumion 11.3

Lumion 11.3 is now available from March 16, 2021, as a free upgrade for Lumion 11 users. Current Lumion 11 users can download the latest version with the ‘Getting Started with Lumion’ email that we sent to the inbox associated with the user’s license. Users can also download the new version via their Lumion Account.

More information:

Check out: for the new Lumion 11.3 features and media.

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About Lumion:

Architects love using Lumion software for one important reason — it breathes life into rendering.

Lumion makes the process feel like a natural part of your craft, helping you produce beautiful results with ease at every phase of the design project. Its elegantly simple workfow guides you through a rendering experience peppered with moments of unexpected joy, allowing you to better express the personality and the uniqueness of your vision.

About ACT-3D B.V.

Act-3D B.V. is the company behind the development of Lumion rendering software. Founded in 1998 by two Dutch computer programmers with a passionate curiosity for the emerging feld of 3D computer graphics, Act-3D B.V. continues to develop Lumion with the idea of making cutting-edge 3D rendering technology a stress-free part of the user’s professional routine.

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