L&T Announces AiKno Cognitive Intelligence Framework

L&T Technology Services Ltd., a global pure-play engineering R&D services company, announced that it has developed a cognitive intelligence framework termed AiKno which combines contextual intelligence and AI, enabling customers to develop a range of digital virtual agents, problem solving applications and robotic process automations.

The AiKno platform uses technologies such as advanced image processing, optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), and self-learning AI algorithms. The cognitive engine begins to self-learn from the data and information it extracts. The accuracy is designed to get better over time as a larger set of domain knowledge is fed to the system.

The AiKno framework has been developed to host and integrate a range of intelligent solutions and build a general-purpose framework for customers. Solutions developed include smart building framework i-BEMS, LTTS’ in-house IoT solution UBIQWeise and energy optimization solution WAGES.

Using AiKno, LTTS has developed a range of smart solutions that have been deployed in smart factories, smart machines and serve as building blocks for smart cities.

For more information, visit L&T Technology Services website.

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