LORD Sensing Launches G-Link-200-OEM Sensor

LORD Sensing, MicroStrain has launched a new embedded wireless vibration/shock solution. Designed for customers looking for a wireless sensor at a lower cost, the G-Link-200-OEM sensor is small, light, easy to integrate and produces high-speed, lossless time-series wave form vibration data. Offering time synchronized wireless transmission of data, the sensor provides outputs for key performance indicators such as velocity, acceleration RMPS, crest factor and acceleration Pk-Pk. Users can measure vibration, impact events and acceleration at rates up to 4k samples per second.

The sensor, available with 8g or 40g accelerometer, is ideal for industrial equipment, machine health monitoring, off-highway condition monitoring, oil and gas equipment, structural health, as well as the aerospace and defense flight test markets. Current G-Link-200 customers will benefit as this embedded solution can help meet smaller size constraints. The new sensor has already been validated in computer chip manufacturing environments.

For more information, visit LORD Sensing, MicroStrain website.

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