Leslie Introduces K-Max Eccentric Plug Rotary Control Valve

Leslie Controls, a CIRCOR International brand, and a manufacturer of valves for the power generation, industrial, marine and oil and gas markets, features its K-Max Eccentric Plug Rotary Control Valve. The K-Max incorporates the cam-action, low-friction plug operation that provides tight shutoff in a variety of flow control applications, including high and low-pressure steam systems; clean, dirty, and corrosive liquids and gasses; and erosive and abrasive slurries.

Featuring bi-directional flow capability, the K-Max can handle mediums that are normally flowed to open and flowed to close. The inherent versatility of this design offers the use of one valve style for many applications, allowing for plant standardization and minimal stocking requirements.

The K-Max’s eccentric rotary plug action allows the plug to break free of the seat ring upon initial rotation of the shaft. The valve features a rangeability of 100:1, allowing precise throttling over a wide range of flows, and also has a self-aligning orbital seat, which allows orbital movement of the seat ring to provide self-alignment with the plug at assembly.

For more information, visit Leslie Controls website.

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