Kyntronics Introduces SMART Hydraulic Actuator

Kyntronics has developed its SMART Hydraulic Actuator (SHA)– combining hydraulics and electromechanical servo technology engineered in a scalable, modular assembly.

The Kyntronics’ SHA is a variable-speed motor, drive, cylinder actuation system that \ controls position, force, and speed in applications requiring from 500 lb (2,225N) to over 100,000 lb (445kN) of force capacity. The system produces strokes up to 120in (3,048mm).

Kyntronics SHA is fully engineered as a standard modular product. The system can be oriented in any position..This solution is powered by a servo motor that drives a hydraulic pump which generates pressure to act on a cylinder to provide mechanical actuation force. The configuration also features a servo drive controller, actuator, manifold, and built-in transducers–providing essential closed-loop precision force and position control. Fieldbus capabilities include Ethernet, CAN, & Serial.

A feature of the system is the way the differential volume is accounted for between a cylinder’s cap and rod ends. To compensate for this differential, the hydraulic cylinder includes an outer low-pressure cylinder with a second inner high-pressure cylinder–creating a chamber between the two.

Kyntronics SHA is intended for actuation in applications and markets including: Special machines, automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, metal bending/forming, defense, material handling, testing stands, steel mills, lift tables, and many others.

For more information, visit Kyntronics website.

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