Knick Introduces P50000 Line of Transducers

Knick-LogoKnick has introduced transducers of the ProLine P50000 series. It has been developed for voltage and current measurement in main and auxiliary power circuits of locomotives and multiple units. They are used, for example, for short circuit detection as well as for monitoring of traction motors and inverters, auxiliary inverters and accumulator batteries.

proline50000The devices comply with all applicable railway standards and thus meet the high demands of fire protection (HL3 according to EN 45545-2 (2016)), electrical safety, mechanical robustness as well as insensitivity to extreme environmental conditions and electromagnetic interferences.

Calibrated range selection allows different input ranges up to ┬▒4200 V to be selected. After the switchover, the specified accuracy (< 0.1 % meas.val. + 0.1 % f.s.) is maintained without readjustment. Combined with a shunt resistor, the device is suitable for current measurement up to the kA range. A design with covered high-voltage terminals ensures contact protection.

For more information, visit Knick website.

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