Knick Introduces P42000 TRMS AC/DC Transducer

Knick-LogoKnick Elektronische Messgeräte, a manufacturer of signal, sensor, current and voltage measurement devices, has announced the P42000 TRMS AC/DC transducers. Input voltages ranging from 10 to 3600 V AC can be safely measured and converted to standard DC analog signals (0…20 mA, 4…20 mA, 0…10 V). These  transducers are available with up to 16 different I/O settings as well as the capability to be customized with fixed input and outputs for voltages anywhere between 10 and 3.6 kV AC.

The true RMS circuit converts signals with a crest factor of up to 5. With the high insulation properties required for working voltages of up to 3600 V AC and following the safety requirements of EN 61010-1 and EN 50124-1, the design is well suited for harsh conditions, such as the electrical systems on ships, rail, land and military vessels. Internal components are vacuum encapsulated to ensure protection from aggressive environmental influences such as particle ingress and also create mechanical stability for high shock and vibration specifications. Additionally, protective separation of the input, output and power supply provide protection from electric shock up to 1800 V AC/DC according to EN 61140.

For more information, visit Knick website.

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