K2D-KeyToData Announces KeyCreator v14.5

LEONBERG, Germany, June 23, 2017 – With the brand-new version 14.5 the CAD tool KeyCreator comes with new, powerful functions on the software market.

As a spokesman of K2D-KeyToData GmbH emphasized, KeyCreator underlined again that KeyCreator was the “CAD software solution with the best price-performance ratio in the market”.

With the brand-new version 14.5 the CAD tool KeyCreator comes with new, powerful functions on the software market.

One of the key strengths of KeyCreator is the absolute easy import ability of native CAD data from other CAD packages (CATIA, Pro/Engineer, Siemens NX, STEP). Additionally there are “smart CAD / CAM functions at its best”.

Furthermore, users are able to simultaneous creating/editing of wireframes and surfaces and solid modeling.Of course there is a layout mode for various views of constructions. With the help of KeyCreator, these 3D data can be easily imported from almost all common software programs, and 2D drawings from 3D models can be created, even using external data.

“Decades of experience” pays off: KeyCreator has been developed continuously for more than 20 years, providing a number of sophisticated tools to help you achieve the highest productivity”. It was only because of KeyCreator that many companies were able to design prototypes and products economically: “The uncomplicated handling facilitates and accelerates the development of new projects and saves a lot of time and money”!

According to K2D, highlights of the new version include the simply usability of the software, and new functions such as new extraction direction added making it easier for the user to identify undercuts in models. This also makes it easier to find draft angle problems earlier in the mold design process saving time and money.

A distinct “Not Sectionable” option has been added to automatically prevent solids from being sectioned in a section view. A new Section View “Rotation” option has also been added. With version 14.5 KeyCreator will now automatically align dimensions based on user selection.

Last but not least, the latest version of KeyCreator’s import interfaces has been updated.

General information on KeyCreator’s product functionality, licensing and pricing is available at http://www.keytodata.com/cad-programm/.

About K2D-KeyToData GmbH

The K2D-KeyToData GmbH headquartered in Leonberg, Germany, is a worldwide operating modern IT company. K2D focuses on the distribution and implementation of highly efficient QM software for inspection planning and process control. In addition, the company has decades of experience in CAD visualization, design, conversion and sells furthermore intelligent solutions for license management.

For more information, please visit www.keytodata.com.

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