Joule Processing Selects eQuorum’s ImageSite

eQuorum provides comprehensive engineering document management solutions. Using the latest HTML5 technology, and no Java, ImageSite provides the security needed in today’s user- enabled world, while allowing for mobile access using any platform and without the need to download and maintain an app for document distribution and collaboration. ImageSite is available as an on-premise solution, in the cloud as, or as a hybrid system.

“Joule Processing is a rapidly growing natural gas vendor that is using the most current technologies for many of its important functions and ImageSite certainly qualifies as it is a next generation engineering document management system,” noted Scott Brandt, CEO of eQuorum. “From secure vendor distribution, to real-time collaboration, to tightly managed change order workflows, Joule will greatly benefit from the comprehensive functionality of ImageSite.”

According to Chuck Laughter, Vice President of Engineering and Operations, the Project Management group says it now has “more reliable version control, search is easy, and ImageSite is all it needs to support project workflows.” The Fabrication Management group remarked “it’s nice to show up for inspections with the latest drawings!” While Engineering and Design stated it is “nice to know which file is the most current” and [ImageSite] is “easy to use once you dive into it.” Laughter also noted they are using ImageSite to support several key customers who have commented the system “provides everything they expect.”

About Joule Processing

Headquartered in Houston, Joule Processing provides processing and treating equipment solutions to natural gas producers and midstream companies. Joule works closely with customers to evaluate natural gas scenarios and determine the most cost-effective processing and treating options. Joule offers a wide range of equipment, including refrigeration, stabilization, fractionation and amine treating plants. Joule’s management team and engineering group has first-hand experience in multiple resource plays and the expertise to create innovative, tailored solutions with complete equipment and facility designs.

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About eQuorum

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, eQuorum is the developer of the ImageSite suite of products, an enterprise-wide document management system for companies that use engineering data. ImageSite can be implemented as both an internal document management system and as a collaboration solution with affiliates, customers, and vendors for a wide variety of industries. is the cloud version of ImageSite and provides instant collaboration from anywhere, using any mobile device, without needing an app. eQuorum provides solutions including its software, business workflow consulting, training, and implementation services to help customers quickly realize the productivity benefits of their solutions.

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