Jennifer Herron Reappointed as ASME Y14.46 Subcommittee Chair

LAKEWOOD, CO, Oct 26, 2017 – The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has confirmed the reappointment of Jennifer Herron as chair of the Y14 Subcommittee 46 on Product Definition for Additive Manufacturing. This will be a three-year term, expiring in June 2020, and marks her second term as Chair.

Y14.46 Subcommittee on Product Definition for Additive Manufacturing

ASME’s Y14 Standards Committee established the Y14.46 subcommittee in support of the development of a new standard on additive manufacturing (AM). The charter of the Y14.46 subcommittee was approved by the Y14 Standards Committee on October 10, 2014, with the task to develop requirements in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing for AM. The goal of the subcommittee is to create a broadly accepted standard that incorporates, expands, or refines international practices and symbology to enable AM product definition data sets to be created, interpreted, and consumed on a global basis.

The Y14.46 subcommittee consists of subject matter experts who have generously volunteered a significant amount of time and resources to this effort over the last three years. Working quickly in that time on content generation, collaboration with other standards development organizations to avoid overlap, and thorough internal subcommittee review, the Y14 Standards Committee approved the Y14.46 Draft Standard for Trial Use on June 19, 2017. The subcommittee released the document as a draft standard for trial use to enable industry quicker access to test the proposed concepts for AM product definition.

Many opportunities exist to continue to improve the draft standard, and much of these have been currently identified as “forward work” because AM is a large space where industry is thirsty for experienced product definition guidance. The Y14 subcommittees are meeting this week in San Diego, California, where work will continue on the Y14.46 standard.

“We are very pleased that Jennifer is available to allocate the time and expertise needed to fill this important role of Committee Chair. ASME expresses their appreciation for her efforts in this regard,” said ASME Y14 Committee Secretary, Fred Constantino.

“After almost three years of hard work by a broad range of commercial, defense, and AM experts, we are really excited to help document practices for product definition that can be applied to Additive Manufacturing. While this amazing subcommittee got to know each other and politely debate the enormous range of AM possibilities, we discovered that this AM product definition standard presented an intriguing opportunity to extend the existing Y14 efforts and further advance Model-Based Definition practices. Proper debate and consensus was found amongst seasoned and newly minted ASME members to construct this standard. We look forward to feedback once published, so don’t be shy,” added Jennifer Herron. Stay tuned to the ASME Y14.46 website for the published document.

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About Jennifer Herron

Jennifer Herron is the CEO of Action Engineering, a registered Women-Owned Small Business. Ms. Herron serves on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as chair of the ASME Y14.46 Subcommittee on Product Definition for Additive Manufacturing and is a committee member of ASME Y14.41.1 Digital Product Definition Data: Model Organization Schema Practices, and ASME Y14.37 Composite Part Drawings. Including a patent for a snake propulsion mechanism, Ms. Herron has extensive experience with hardware design for flight satellite systems and military robot platforms. She is an expert in multiple CAD packages (e.g., Creo, NX, SOLIDWORKS) and is the author of Re-Use Your CAD: The Model-Based CAD Handbook, published in 2013.

About Action Engineering

Action Engineering specializes in guiding organizations in effective and efficient implementation of model-based definition (MBD) and model-based enterprise (MBE) through accountability-based processes, requirements-based software selection, and workforce education for the Digital Enterprise. Their efforts are concentrated on educating organization leaders and subject matter experts in documentation and business practices to be compatible with CAD, PDM, and PLM techniques. They provide MBD/MBE process-based strategies both CAD agnostically and specific for an organization’s CAD software tools.

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