ISRA Vision Introduces Area Profile Scanner 3D Sensor

ISRA Vision has introduced Area Profile Scanner 3D sensor. With its combination of stereometry, triangulation and phase-shift lighting, the latest generation of the “Area Profile Scanner 3D” can be used wherever object geometries need to be measured accurately at high speed. The 3D sensor is designed to ensure quality assurance on automated production lines and can be used both for inspecting incoming materials as well as for output control. It is available in different variants, with measuring fields of up to 460 x 360 mm².

With its stereometric two-camera set-up, the APS3D uses triangulation to calculate the surface of a test object with the highest precision in three dimensions. The sensor uses random pattern or phase-shift lighting. Random pattern lighting sends the sensor the necessary points of reference in a single image. Object detection and quality inspection can also be done “on the fly” with moving objects and without motion blur. The collected data is shown in a point cloud and can be exported for CAD data matching. Thanks to the integrated PC, the data can also be exported in STL format. All three-dimensional characteristics are detected and work steps can be performed without any additional measurements. Through automated meshing, where the individual 3D data points are connected to one another in a triangular shape to form a network, the sensor is able to digitally map complex surfaces. This produces a cohesive model that can be forwarded to a 3D printer for example. Based on geometric relations, the APS3D checks the quality of surfaces, the correct size of boreholes and the correct spatial relationships between object features within one scan. The sensor can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, integrated into the production line or mounted on a robot, and is compatible with all conventional Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces.

Application-specific software modules, including measurement parameters for new tasks or service tasks such as maintenance, mean that the sensor is highly adaptable and flexible. The Plug & Automate concept allows for quick commissioning. As part of the “Touch & Automate” automation concept, the APS3D is equipped with Wi-Fi capability to communicate with other sensors and with a shared database. The systems used within this sensor network are able to communicate to fulfill larger measurement tasks. The aggregated data can be used directly for process analysis. Using quality and yield management software, operators can directly access the collected data for use in reports and analysis. The APS3D covers 3D robot guidance as well as 3D inline measurements.

For more information, visit ISRA Vision website.

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