IOTech Partners with Dell for IoT

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, UK, Oct 16, 2019 – IOTech announced an agreement with Dell Technologies to globally offer IOTech’s Edge Xpert open IoT edge platform on Dell Edge Gateways for IoT.

Edge Xpert is a commercialized and fully-supported version of EdgeX Foundry, which in just two years has become the world’s leading ecosystem-enabled open platform for the IoT Edge, by facilitating secure interoperability between devices and applications – independent of silicon, hardware, application and cloud services. Edge Xpert provides a robust, managed and supported version of the open source code base that can be safely deployed, at scale, in business-critical IoT solutions.

In addition to the standard features of Edge Xpert (such as the ingestion and aggregation of data from a variety of industrial protocols, edge storage, control and analytics) IOTech has gone further in delivering a solution that can fully unlock the power and in-built connectivity of the Dell hardware, which includes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee, GPS, CANopen and MEMS functionality. These IoT-ready capabilities allow users to simply configure Edge Xpert to enable device communication (e.g. with a Zigbee-compliant sensor) rather than requiring custom software development – thus significantly reducing integration effort, cost and time-to-deployment.

The combination of Dell hardware and IOTech’s Edge Xpert also enables a flexible open edge solution of plug-and-play components that leverages the growing ecosystem of extensions available from the EdgeX ecosystem.

In addition to the product offerings, IOTech also provides product training and workshops, and works with Dell solution providers to deliver pilot projects that validate IoT solutions for widescale deployments. Pilot programs are available from IOTech for many vertical markets.

Using Dell 3000 and 5000 Series Edge Gateways for the industrial edge with IOTech’s Edge Xpert thus helps accelerate the implementation of IoT projects by providing a solution for heterogeneous data ingestion, normalization, processing, analysis and sharing (e.g. with cloud services or other edge devices).

Although Edge Xpert is platform-independent, having Edge Xpert available for sale through Dell Technologies will greatly simplify customers’ selection and ordering process for IoT Edge solutions – with built-in support for multiple input data protocols and Edge data management.

Keith Steele, CEO of IOTech, stated, “Our philosophy is to simplify the configuration and deployment of IoT end-to-end solutions that provide new growth opportunities and/or enhance the operational efficiency of our customers. The collaboration with Dell Technologies is indicative of the way we facilitate this through selling Edge Xpert with Dell Edge Gateways for IoT. We also see this initiative as representative of the way IoT infrastructure is evolving towards scalable, configurable edge platforms that support rapidly-deployable digitalization projects.”

“The development, integration and deployment of IoT projects is providing an incredible amount of new value for our customers by helping them achieve feats that were previously impossible,” said John Dauskurdas, global vice president, sales, Dell Technologies. “We anticipate that this effort to simplify the purchase process gives more organizations the incentive to begin new IoT projects.”

About IOTech

IOTech builds and deploys open and secure software edge platforms for the Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) helping drive innovation, global market adoption, velocity and scale. The company’s products address the full spectrum of secure hard and soft real-time edge computing needs, dramatically reducing time to market and system integration costs for its partners who are the supply chains to multiple vertical Industrial IoT market domains. IOTech leverages an open source execution strategy to develop its growing global partner ecosystem, achieve pervasive adoption and develop channels for the company’s complementary licensed software products.

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