intrinSIM, Ora Research Releases Design Space Market Report

CLARKESVILLE, GA and RALEIGH, NC, Feb 12, 2018 – intrinSIM, a premier source of go-to-market services and technology licensing for engineering applications, and Ora Research, a leading market research firm in the engineering software space, have released a collaborative market report covering Design Space Exploration Markets & Opportunities.  This collaborative report traces the path from the first rudimentary PIDO tools of two decades ago to the stunningly powerful, intelligent, self-directed multidisciplinary design exploration technologies of today, it offers the first comprehensive survey, review and analysis of this dynamic industry and the revolutionary benefits it offers engineering organizations. Spotlighting and exploring the latest advances, this groundbreaking report documents how these powerful tools and methods are helping engineering organizations master the unprecedentedly demanding, complex product development and innovation challenges of today and tomorrow.

Design Space Exploration Markets & Opportunities lets engineers systematically and automatically investigate very large numbers of design alternatives to identify those with the most promising performance values. Many of the quantitative methods that underpin Design Space Exploration have been long known—and sometimes applied, in cases where the attendant costs in expertise, time and labor could be justified. What’s changing now is the way fresh software technologies are at last transforming these powerful but formerly difficult-to-apply methods into practical everyday engineering aids.

Design Space Exploration Markets & Opportunities is a report for engineering and discrete manufacturing organizations, engineering modeling and simulation software developers, engineering service providers, methods development experts, systems integrators, resellers, investors and anyone else who needs to understand technology drivers, business drivers, investment justification strategies and implementation best practices for Design Space Exploration technologies and methods; software market size and composition, vendor market share and industry growth forecasts; and in-depth business assessments plus product profiles for 38 leading technology providers.

The Design Space Exploration Markets & Opportunities report covers:

  1. Technology Drivers
  2. Business Drivers: Justifying the Investment
  3. Implementation Best Practices
  4. Practitioner Success Case Studies
  5. Market Map: What Buyers Need to Know About Software Vendor Business Models
  6. Market Statistics and Forecasts
  7. Technology Capabilities: Vendor Comparison Matrix
  8. Vendor and Product Profiles

A full prospectus of the report is available online.

The Design Space Exploration Markets & Opportunities report is available from intrinSIM.  Please contact intrinSIM or complete the online Order Form to obtain a copy of the report.

About intrinSIM

intrinSIM is a premier source of go-to-market and technology related services along with a portfolio of leading edge embeddable technologies suitable for developing commercial or in-house engineering applications. intrinSIM has a leadership role in the industry-wide ASSESS Initiative.  intrinSIM was founded in 2010 with the intention to accelerate the growth of the engineering software market by Connecting Worldwide Business & Technology and has a leadership role in the industry wide ASSESS Initiative.   intrinSIM collaborative has strategic relationships with Cambashi, Cyon Research, Ora Research, and Smart2Market with offices in Clarkesville, GA, Madison, AL, and Moore, OK.

For more information, visit the intrinSIM web site at

About Ora Research

Ora Research investigates new technologies that improve innovation, quality and performance and reduce schedule, cost and risk in the engineering of manufactured products and built assets. We seek to identify technologies that are yielding high return for initial adopters and are on the cusp of first-wave mainstream acceptance.  We offer research and advisory services to help engineering organizations evaluate, select and justify new technology investments, and to help technology providers qualify and quantify new market opportunities and validate demand drivers.

For more information, visit the Ora Research web site at

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