Innovyze Releases XPSWMM, XPSTORM v2018.1

PORTLAND, OR, Mar 6, 2018  Innovyze announces the release of XPSWMM and XPSTORM version 2018.1. Innovyze offers state of the art improvements to our hydrodynamic software solutions for simulating sanitary sewer systems, stormwater systems, rivers, and urban flooding. XPSWMM and XPSTORM are used daily around the world for master planning, floodplain mapping, flood hazard mitigation and sustainable stormwater control.

This new release represents the leading edge of modeling technology by providing the ability to simulate hundreds of ensemble storms and locating the simulation’s critical storm impact on the model. Inspired by our customer´s problems in meeting Austrailian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) requirements and incorporated global customers concerns, this release is a clear indication of Innovyze’s commitment to quickly respond to users’ needs while providing significant value and competitive advantages.

XPSWMM provides a wonderful platform for urban stormwater modeling,” says product manager, Matt Anderson, PE CFM. “We´re really excited about the productivity that this release provides users in improving and evaluating the hydrologic performance of systems.” Below is a list of some of the new updates XPSWMM 2018.1 offers.

  • Enhanced: Hydrology and Hydraulic Results – In an effort to increase the speed of the application while dealing with large numbers of simulations, 2018.1 stores the model results of Global Storms simulations within a JSON file. This allows the model database file to become slimmer, and increases the responsiveness of the application. This corresponds to enhanced functionality for Global Storms, the Solve Manager and the Ensemble Statistics.
  • New: Catchment Splitting Tool – Several available hydrologic methods differ in their treatment of impervious surfaces. This new tool automates the splitting of the catchment to its pervious and impervious for a clear representation of the hydrology.
  • Enhanced: Global Storms – functionality is enhanced to include a group name called Ensemble allowing users to group a set of rainfall patterns. Global Storms  can be established and shared among models with this release, allowing their efficient use with Critical Duration Analysis using Atlas 14 temporals.
  • New: Ensemble Statistics – This specialized Statistics utility allows the review of different Annual Exceedance Probabilities across the set of Global Storm Ensembles against the model elements and results.  Graphical results can be reviewed with the new Box and Whisker plot.
  • Enhanced: Solve Manager – Solve Manager now defaults to running in the background allowing the Simulation to run while user maintains control of other programs running on their computer.
  • Updated: Dialog and Interface Updates – Dozens of dialogs have improved clarity, esthetics and enable multiple language support.
  • Improved: Model Productivity Enhancements – Number of global storms that can be evaluated increased to allow for simulations to support Australian Rainfall and Runoff, or to identify critical events using NOAA Atlas 14. This feature now supports at least 2000 storms.
  • New:  Inlet Capacity – Result time series for Inlet Capture can now be accessed directly from the Review Results eliminating previous workarounds.
  • NewBlock Edits are now available in xptables, as are Field Statistics allowing rapid model edits and QA/QC of model data.

“We recognize that our software is used every day by our loyal client base so we always take that in to consideration when adding new features or updating existing capabilities. We value our customers immensely and are committed to improving the user experience.” said vice president of SWMM Products, Anthony Kuch.

About Innovyze

Innovyze is a leading global provider of wet infrastructure business analytics software solutions designed to meet the technological needs of stormwater/water/wastewater industry. Its clients include the majority of the UK, Australasian, East Asian and North American cities, foremost utilities on all five continents, and ENR top-rated design firms. Backed by unparalleled expertise and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, the Innovyze connected portfolio of best-in-class product lines empowers thousands of engineers to competitively plan, manage, design, protect, operate, and sustain highly efficient and resilient infrastructure systems, and provides an enduring platform for customer success.

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