ILEXSOFT Releases HighDesign R5 for Mac, Windows

PERUGIA, Italy, Aug 26, 2019 – ILEXSOFT announced the immediate availability of release 5 of its HighDesign drafting and architectural design software. HighDesign R5 Pro now offers a powerful and flexible solution that combines traditional CAD tools with the features and the model-document-publish-manage workflow typical of building information modeling (BIM) processes.

Drawing tools are grouped into Sketch, Documentation and Design tools and project items are organized in a hierarchical structure that streamlines the design process and makes it easier for the designer to manage the complexity of a typical design project. Object styles and build element types allow the effective standardization of the project by reducing the use of custom elements.

The new Styles and Building Element Types manager in HighDesign R5.

In HighDesign Pro, the new Project Browser makes the structure of the project easily accessible and manageable. The new specialized sheet types, such as drafting sheets, callouts and details, layouts with viewports and parametric title-blocks encourage a streamlined and smart design process from sketching to documentation and presentation.

Callouts and detail sheets are mutually linked and updated via underlay.

Layout, viewports and title block.

Information and other non-graphical data can be added to the project via the completely redesigned Project Info window and the new Object Info panel. Textual information can be entered for single element instances or for their type, and can be visualized by associative tags.

The new Project Information panel in HighDesign R5 Pro

“and usage patterns of the AEC industry,” said product manager Giovanni Suraci. “Professional users will experience the improved consistency and the benefits of the new features.”

In addition to the Mac, this version is also available for Windows 10 64-bit, and aims to offer on both platforms the same interface and user experience: the use of the same file format allows a transparent interoperability between Mac and Windows. Also new is the support for DWG file format version 2019. The user interface has been overhauled and enhanced with more customizations and improvements. The Mac version fully supports macOS themes.

HighDesign R5 on Windows 10

Pricing and Availability

The HighDesign product line includes HighDesign LT, priced at 99.99 USD; HighDesign Standard, priced at 229.00 USD; and HighDesign Pro at 360.00 USD. Licenses are perpetual and include one year of maintenance which gives access to any updates released during the year of validity. When the license expires, the user can freely choose to continue using the last version installed, or renew for another year and stay constantly updated. Renewals for HighDesign LT, Standard and Pro are priced at 69.00, 115.00 and 180 USD respectively.

About HighDesign

HighDesign is the alternative, full-featured 2D design (CAD) software that combines advanced drafting and design tools with a modern, efficiency-oriented user interface designed to assist the user in all the phases of the creative process. HighDesign is continually developed to anticipate the actual needs of design professionals, and has grown to be a well recognized and appreciated product in the AEC community, actively used in more than 40 countries worldwide by individuals, firms and institutions.


Founded in 2003 and based in Italy, ILEXSOFT is committed to creating innovative solutions for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) design community by developing advanced software with a focus on user experience characterized by simplicity and elegance. ILEXSOFT’s vision is to create modern software that is enjoyable to use and tailored to the actual needs of professionals, in which the user interface plays a central part by translating the complexity of building and product design into a smooth workflow.

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