ILEXSOFT Releases HighDesign 2017 for macOS Sierra

ilexsoft_newlogoPERUGIA, Italy, Nov 18, 2016 – ILEXSOFT announced HighDesign 2017, the new release of their professional CAD software for Mac, ready for macOS Sierra.

HighDesign 2017 on macOS Sierra, architecture and urban planning

This latest version introduces a new, entry-level LT edition aimed at individuals who simply need professional-grade drafting tools within an easy-to-use, yet affordable solution.

HighDesign 2017 is also coming to the Windows platform. HighDesign for Windows has been designed to preserve the same user experience, features, file format and usability as the Mac version, thus enabling the users to freely choose the platform that best suits their needs. HighDesign for Windows is currently in the final beta testing stage and will be available in the first quarter of 2017.

HighDesign 2017 beta on Windows 10, residential architecture

HighDesign 2017 beta on Windows 10, residential architecture

Other new features in HighDesign 2017

Textures: The HighDesign library now includes a selection of textures ready to use in projects. Textures can have custom origin, scale and orientation. In the Standard and Pro editions, the Drawing Manager allows the user to extend the library with new, custom textures.

Improved drafting: many tools have been improved to provide more powerful drafting features, such as circular holes inside hatches, more accurate input and dimensioning, new special line types such as grass and ridge, more options for poly-lines, and better management of the project resources.

Smarter Columns: the Columns tool in HighDesign Pro now automatically aligns the insertion point of new columns to the grid defined by existing columns. With this feature, it is now possible to effortlessly create structural grids at a defined angle and offset.

Better DXF/DWG compatibility: HighDesign 2017 adds a much improved layout support, more entities and better support for user coordinate systems which is critical when importing drawings created by BIM packages.

About HighDesign

HighDesign is the alternative, full-featured 2D computer-aided design (CAD) software that combines advanced drafting and design tools with a modern, efficiency-oriented user interface designed to assist the user in all phases of the creative process. HighDesign has been developed from the ground up as a new product aimed at satisfying the actual needs of design professionals, and has grown to be a well recognized and appreciated app in the Mac community, actively used in more than 40 countries worldwide by individuals, firms and institutions.

Pricing and Availability

HighDesign LT 2017 and HighDesign 2017 run on Macs with macOS Sierra, OS X 10.11, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.9 and OS X 10.8. HighDesign LT is available for 69.99 USD, and HighDesign 2017 comes in two main editions, Standard for 199.99 USD and Pro for 349.99 USD. A third option, called “Professional Plus”, offers two Pro licenses at the convenient price of 499.99 USD. Yearly renewals for existing customers are available starting at 99.99 USD.

A free, thirty-day trial is available from

One-year educational licenses are available free of charge for qualified students and teachers.

More information is available at


Founded in 2003 and based in Italy, ILEXSOFT is committed to creating innovative solutions for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) design community by developing advanced software with a focus on user experience characterized by simplicity and elegance. ILEXSOFT’s vision is to create modern software that is enjoyable to use and tailored to the actual needs of professionals, in which the user interface plays a central part by translating the complexity of building and product design into a smooth workflow.

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