igus Updates E4.1 e-chain Series

igus has expanded the standard modular system of the E4.1 e-chain series by adding new roller links. This is made possible by the geometry and material of the new hollow rollers, which now produce considerably less vibration and noise when they roll over each other.

The roller links have small ramps in front of and behind the rollers, which reduce noise during movement and help avoid hard impacts when the upper run of the chains is unrolled onto the lower run. The rollers are not additional components that could potentially be lost; they are securely integrated into the links.

The roller links in the modular E4.1 system hekp users to switch from gliding to rolling energy chain systems. Moreover, it is possible to continue using the same trough systems, interior separation and mounting brackets as before. Due to the modular nature of the series, a range of different sizes and types are possible. No adapter links are needed, and the roller links can be fitted on the left and right side of the chain, making for easy assembly.

The interior contours of all the E4.1 series links are smooth, and the crossbars and lids are slightly rounded, which creates less wear on the cables during operation. The E4.1 chains are also designed to be durable for demanding requirements, including high loads, allowing for use in a range of applications and industries, from machine tools to cranes in sea ports. With the isense products made for plannable maintenance, unscheduled machine shutdowns can also be avoided.

For more information, visitĀ igusĀ website.

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