HoloPundits, Microsoft Partner for Mixed Reality

HoloPundits has been selected for this association based on its rich portfolio of successful projects that have been executed to meet challenging business needs. This includes businesses without a prior reference point on the process, technology, hardware, or solution construction. The value delivered by products like VirtuMeet and VirtuAssist, which use products in the Microsoft ecosystem like Windows OS and HoloLens, is a truly immersive experience to users.

Ranjit Yengoti, the COO of HoloPundits, said, “The team at HoloPundits has been at the forefront in disrupting the status quo when it comes to new age digital technologies. The company is invested massively into bringing innovations mainstream as it works with AR, VR, and MR to extend the scope of offerings to various industries operating at different scale and target market. The MRPP association is expected to accelerate the innovation process and help offer a larger bouquet of offerings to our enterprise customers.”

HoloPundits specializes in delivering interactive visualization and immersive experiences through its services. It has deep domain expertise on augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. The company has been at the forefront in developing an entire ecosystem that developers can use to build AR/VR/MR content and utilize it for distinct uses.

HoloPundits has executed proof of concept successfully for education, manufacturing, heavy industries, and enterprises for their training, learning, sales, and marketing functions.

For more information, visit HoloPundits website.

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