Hexagon Manufacturing Updates TIGO SF Shop-floor CMM

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has announced improvements to the operating temperature range of its TIGO SF shop-floor coordinate measurement machine (CMM). The CMM, which has an operational range of between 15 °C (59°F)  and 30 °C (86°F)  as standard, now offers the XT option to extend this range up to 40 °C (104°F). The XT option can be applied to all new machine orders, and is also available as an in-field upgrade for installed TIGO SF CMMs.

The boost to the operating temperature range further enhances the TIGO SF’s application potential, adding to its extensive range of shop-floor optimized features to make accurate measurement possible at the point of production, even in challenging environments. A small footprint and air-free operation make the TIGO SF easy to install anywhere in the factory, while passive dampeners mitigate against the effects of workshop vibrations. For added protection in extreme conditions, an IP54-certified machine stand, active dampening system and the TIBOX enclosure for dust protection are also available as options. The TIGO SF’s measurement area has three open sides that allow easy access for the CMM to be loaded either manually or automatically, so the machine can be integrated into a range of production setups.

Designed specifically for shop-floor users, TIGO SF includes an ergonomic jogbox and built-in workstation for the monitor and keyboard, offering improved user experience intended to help make metrology more accessible for a wide range of operators. Innovative software options including INSPECT ensure easy machine operability and data analysis. TIGO SF is also compatible with the PULSE monitoring system, which provides information about the measuring system and environmental conditions.

Full details on the TIGO SF shop-floor CMM and the XT option as an upgrade are available from local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence commercial operations and dealers.

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