Haydon Kerk Announces EC042B IDEA Motor Series

Haydon Kerk Pittman announced the latest addition to its line of brushless DC motors: the EC042B IDEA Motor Series now available with CANopen communication-enhancing motion control capabilities.

Since the connections between the drive and motor are made internally, users can connect power, optional I/O connections, and communications, and the IDEA Motor is ready to operate. The EC042B IDEA Motor with CANopen or RS-485 communication is also stocked for immediate delivery.

A single motor/drive unit reduces motion system components by up to 75% per axis and simplifies machine troubleshooting.  Wiring sensor inputs and control outputs directly to the IDEA Motor, rather than through a control cabinet.

The programmable IDEA Motor integrates a precision brushless servo motor with an IDEADrive controller. The IDEA Motor is specifically designed for real-time embedded motion control and is suited for autonomous execution of single-axis motion.

CANopen communications ports are integrated for configuration capabilities, implementing higher-layer communication protocols and device profile specifications to synchronize motion among multiple motors.

For more information, visit Haydon Kerk Pittman website.

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