GROB Selects Eureka Virtual Machining

PISA, Italy, Sep 18, 2017 – After an extensive testing conducted over many months at its headquarters in Mindelheim, Germany, GROB-WERKE GmbH has chosen Eureka as the simulation engine for the Cloud services that will be offered to their customers as part of their GROB-NET4Industry software technology (GROB4Simulate). Besides, Eureka will be used also internally in GROB’s manufacturing department.

GROB’s customers will be able to submit their simulation jobs to the Cloud service directly from the machine tool controller, using the tools provided by GROB4Simulate. The simulation will be performed remotely by Eureka running on one of several GROB’s servers. Upon receiving the results, customers will then review the simulation using the Eureka Viewer installed by default on the controller.

The GROB4Simulate capabilities, including the simulation service powered by Eureka, will be on display at the GROB booth (Hall 12, booth B04) at the upcoming EMO exhibition in Hannover, Germany, September 18-23, 2017.

“The Eureka capabilities are a valuable addition to our GROB4Simulate offering,” says Markus Frank, GROB-NET4Industry manager. “We are now able to provide a powerful remote simulation service of any ISO program. Being able to manage the ISO output provides our users with an enhanced and accurate virtual representation of the machining job, before committing the toolpath to the machine.”

“Our business development strategy is based on partnerships within three main channels: CAD/CAM companies, Machine Tool makers, and OEM’s,” says Gianluca Bioli, Roboris co-founder. “Our partnership with GROB is an important step in becoming a leading provider of virtual machining software to the industry. We are confident that GROB’s user base will appreciate the additional functionalities provided by Eureka, as much as GROB’s internal users already did.”

About GROB

The GROB Group produces innovative machines and equipment for the automotive industry, for its sub-suppliers and for the manufacturing industry with the highest quality. The product portfolio ranges from the universal machining center all the way through to highly complex production systems with individual automation, and from manual assembly stations through to fully automated assembly lines.

It is an internationally operating family company with its headquarters in Ingelheim/Germany, three production plants in São Paulo/Brazil, Bluffton/USA and Dalian/PR of China, and eleven sales and service branches in South Korea, PR of China, India, Moscow, United Kingdom, Hungary, Mexico, Italy and Poland.

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About Roboris Srl

Headquartered near Pisa (Italy), Roboris is a provider of innovative machine tool and robot simulation software. Eureka G-Code provides a full yet easy to use Virtual Machining environment, offering 3D simulation of any ISO program on even the most complex machine, including multi-spindle and synchronized/multiflow systems. EurekaRobot makes it easy to program off-line any robotic workcell with six or more axes, starting from a tool path generated by any CAD/CAM system.

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