Granta Expands Partnership with UL, Offers Yellow Cards Data

For Plastics Selection

CAMBRIDGE, UK, Oct 17, 2017 – Granta Design has announced an extension to their agreement with UL that makes additional Prospector material property and technical information, including UL Yellow Cards data, accessible through the GRANTA MI materials information system. Corporate users can now access this widely respected source of plastics information alongside their proprietary materials knowledge and other information from Granta’s comprehensive digital reference library, stored in their GRANTA MI-based company materials database.

Prospector material property and technical information, including UL Yellow Cards data, using GRANTA MI

Prospector contains around 90,000 plastics datasheets from leading manufacturers. Previously available in GRANTA MI, this resource has now been enriched with curve data and additional data on plastics additives. Additionally, Prospector includes UL Yellow Cards, a globally recognized safety and quality guarantee. UL Yellow Cards are issued when those materials have successfully undergone UL testing to appropriate standards and provide engineers with confidence that their choice of plastic will meet safety requirements. This data, along with UL Colorants data, is available in GRANTA MI for the first time.

Materials engineers, design engineers, product safety engineers, and research scientists, can find materials property and technical information, including UL Yellow Cards, according to generic material type, and can match required performance criteria for a particular thickness and color. They can also find drop-in replacements for a current material grade, including finding grades with a UL Yellow Card and/or necessary safety performance criteria. Colorants that may be used without compromising a particular safety criteria can also be identified.

More information is available through an on-demand webinar – Finding plastics for safety critical applications by applying comprehensive material property data and UL Yellow Cards. Presented by Dr. Sarah Egan, Product Manager of Granta’s data products, this webinar offers case studies of plastics selection. The webinar can be viewed via this link:

“Our agreement with UL has enabled us to extend our library with the outstanding source of data for product teams aiming to ensure safe plastics selection,” said Dr Patrick Coulter, chief operating officer at Granta.

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Founded in 1994 as a spin-out from the University of Cambridge, Granta helps hundreds of engineering enterprises to manage information on the materials (metals, plastics, composites, and more) that are essential to their businesses. They help them to develop and apply material intelligence, making better materials decisions, saving time and money, and reducing risk as they optimize their products. They also provide supporting resources to thousands of university educators worldwide as they teach the next generation of engineers, scientists, and industrial designers about materials, processes, and sustainability.

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