Graebert Updates ARES Trinity of CAD Software

BERLIN, Germany, Dec 2, 2020 – Graebert GmbH, a pioneer in developing high-performance CAD solutions across desktop, mobile and cloud, revealed at its Graebert neXt virtual event, the expansion of the ARES Trinity of CAD software to new cloud solutions and communities.

Graebert’s ARES CAD technology represents the second largest installed base in the world for DWG-based CAD software after AutoCAD. With its innovative Trinity concept, Graebert leads the transition to the next generation of CAD software fueled with agile cloud-based workflows.

The ARES Trinity is a trifold solution with a symbiotic approach combining CAD software for desktop (ARES Commander for Windows, macOS and Linux), mobile (ARES Touch for iOS and Android) and cloud (ARES Kudo runs in an Internet Browser).

Besides being full-featured cloud CAD software, ARES Kudo is also the cornerstone of our Trinity concept, empowering ARES Commander and ARES Touch with modern collaboration features. Some of the new capabilities revealed at the Graebert neXt event include:

  • File synchronization: All the users work with the latest version in sync with the chosen cloud storage services.
  • Session handling:​ Automatically lock the file when a user is editing to prevent conflicts
  • Email notification​: Update users after modifications and comments or markups
  • Version history​: See and compare successive modifications of the same file by multiple users
  • Markups: Modern communication tools to collect comments with stamps, pictures or voice recordings + artificial intelligence to convert voice recordings into text and auto-tag images
  • View-only links: ​Free online viewing and commenting to collect feedback and validation

Unrivaled choice of integrations to connect to your CAD data

Robert Graebert, CTO of Graebert explained the motivations to integrate with multiple solutions and product ecosystems: “Centralizing files in a cloud environment can bring a lot of agility and deliver more collaboration. But the value of a modern CAD environment can only be unlocked when we connect our CAD tools to your data. We realize that .dwg CAD data does not exist in isolation and when we engage with customers, very often the data hosting decisions have already been taken.”

Managed services

The ARES CAD software can be connected to create or modify DWG files in sync with all the leading third-party cloud storage providers including:

  • Google Drive and Google Workplaces
  • Box and Box Enterprise
  • Microsoft OneDrive; OneDrive for Business; and SharePoint
  • Dropbox

Enterprise solutions

For larger-scale deployments it is also possible to connect with on-premise data or dedicated Amazon Web services (AWS) infrastructure. The solutions include:

  • AWS: Connect with company-owned S3 buckets
  • Nextcloud: Cloud-based file collaboration solution
  • WebDAV: Connect with on-premise data on private servers

A good example of such implementations is the solution deployed by Graebert for LG in Korea. Robert Graebert explained: “LG’s requirement was to provide their users with secured access to drawings on mobile devices. Their DWG files are hosted on AWS but they also wanted to restrict the users from saving local copies on their mobile devices. We configured an Enterprise version of ARES Touch leveraging both Single Sign-On to authenticate the user and restricting ARES Touch to match the security expectations of LG.”

Product ecosystems

In addition to the options described above, Graebert is also integrating its CAD software with leading industry-specific solutions such as:

  • PTC Onshape​– A fully browser-based product design platform
  • Trimble Connect​– The centralized cloud-based file system from industry-giant Trimble
  • Hancom Space​– Korea’s leading solution for Office suite software both on Desktop and Cloud

New ARES Kudo Drive

Graebert further revealed today its ARES Kudo Drive is offering free online storage to trial users and subscribers to experience the Trinity features before considering connecting any third-party cloud storage. It includes ready-to-use sample drawings and users can further upload their own drawings.

The new ARES Kudo Drive is powered by the S3 from AWS, which offers high performance and scalability to deliver this new capability on a global scale.

Wilfried Graebert, CEO of Graebert further commented: “Graebert has 40+ years expertise in CAD and the DWG format. Unlike most of our competitors our company is not owned by investors. As an entrepreneur my vision has always been to reinvest our profits in R&D. We create value for our customers and partners, not for the stock exchange. Beside Corona we keep this year hiring strongly (+31% Year over Year growth in employees). I think this explains how a company like Graebert is ahead in new CAD technologies like mobile and cloud.

About Graebert

Graebert is a leading developer of DWG-editing CAD software headquartered in Germany with additional offices in Japan, India, and Russia. Graebert was founded in 1977 and has ever since pioneered multiple innovations in the CAD industry, including the first solution to run on Windows, macOS and Linux, the first mobile CAD solutions and more recently its cloud version ARES Kudo.

The Graebert product portfolio is anchored by the ARES Trinity of CAD software – a powerful suite of 2D & 3D CAD software for desktop, mobile and cloud. Graebert’s CAD software specialises in the production of technical drawings in DWG format.

These solutions are sold both directly to end customers under the brand ARES, or indirectly, as a development platform that other developers use to build their own solutions. Altogether, Graebert has the second largest installed base (after AutoCAD only) with millions of professional users and year-over-year revenue growth in 2019 of 30%.

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