Graebert Announces DraftSight Plug-ins

GraebertlogoBERLIN, Germany, Oct 10, 2014 – Graebert GmbH the pioneer in developing high-performance CAD solutions across desktop and mobile devices announced more than 20 plug-ins to customize the industry-leading DraftSight 2D CAD solution (which was co-developed by Graebert in tandem with Dassault Systèmes.

Backed by Dassault Systèmes, DraftSight has become more than just a popular DWG-based CAD software platform – it has an active community that is already the second largest after AutoCAD with more than 2.9 million active users and millions of downloads.

The new Graebert plug-ins add a wide range of industry-specific functionality to DraftSight and include:

  • G-Electrical for Electrical CAD
  • TopoPoint for import/export of topographic points
  • CAD Blocks, a range of smart block libraries for DraftSight

While DraftSight also supports plug-ins developed in LISP or via a COM interface, the DraftSight API is a modern C++ development library that has been specifically developed for the program. One of its unique advantages is forward-compatibility, meaning that plug-ins created for one version of DraftSight will be supported by future versions. The Graebert plug-ins introduced at the Graebert Annual Meeting take full advantage of DraftSight for maximum performance and functionality.

Graebert also announced (in collaboration with Dassault Systèmes) a new DraftSight Developers World Tour to introduce the DraftSight API, increase the catalog of plug-ins for DraftSight and engage with developers. This World Tour will also offer developers a unique opportunity to become introduced to the DraftSight API with a series of free workshops.

The first event on the Tour has already taken place at the Graebert Annual Meeting in Berlin and further dates will be scheduled in Paris, Boston, Phoenix (SolidWorks World 2015) and Bangkok. Visit and follow @DS_plug-ins on Twitter or Graebert plug-ins for DraftSight on Facebook to be kept abreast of details and register interest in attending the Tour.

About Graebert

Graebert GmbH is a leading developer of custom CAD software, solutions, and services. The company is recognized as a true innovator in the CAD industry and has more than 30 years of technology expertise, project management and consulting experience. Graebert’s CAD systems became the first to support Windows, Mac, Linux (since 2010) and Android (since 2014), and are used by millions of professionals worldwide.

Graebert’s product portfolio is anchored by ARES Commander Edition – powerful CAD software with 2D & 3D-modeling capabilities and native DWG support, which is the basis of all Graebert OEM products. Graebert offers a unique collaboration business model for CAD applications developers with custom OEM CAD software and application development services.

The SiteMaster line of “as built” software surveying solutions, as well as worldwide surveying services are included under Graebert’s iSurvey brand. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany with additional offices in America, Asia and Europe.

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