GE Digital Launches Predix Edge-to-Cloud Capabilities for IIoT

SAN RAMON, CA, Nov 2, 2018 – GE Digital announced a new Predix Edge offering aimed at simplifying edge-to-cloud computing and helping businesses securely progress their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiatives from pilot to production. GE Digital also introduced its Predix Private Cloud (PPC) solution, an on-premises deployment of the Predix platform, which gives customers the privacy, security, data sovereignty and data isolation provided by a private cloud infrastructure.

“More than 70 percent of industrial companies are stuck in pilot purgatory – that is, they are either still at the start or unable to further advance their IIoT initiatives,” said Eddie Amos, corporate VP, platform & industrial applications, GE Digital. “Companies often face unexpected complexities in the solution design or integration, steep costs or security vulnerabilities. Realizing the full impact of IIoT requires moving beyond the pilot stage with scalable, interoperable solutions – and GE Digital helps lead them through that journey.”

The new offerings GE Digital unveiled today help companies bridge this gap – and offer businesses flexibility when and where they operate.

Bringing simplicity, advanced security and connectivity to the IIoT                                    

Industrial companies already face huge complexities across their operations, environments and compute ecosystems. GE Digital’s Predix Edge is the next-generation edge solution that brings a new level of ease to the IIoT by enabling businesses to deploy workloads at the edge in a matter of minutes.

Predix Edge securely captures, processes and analyzes data that can be managed both locally and remotely, executing the most demanding workloads at the edge and producing insights in near real time. With new functionality to help businesses accelerate the IIoT, Predix Edge provides:

  • Simple deployment and management capabilities out of the box, allowing users to remotely monitor and manage all their edge devices and heterogenous industrial data from a centralized management console.
  • Rapid time to value by supporting edge application development for almost all programming languages – such as Java, C++, Go and Python – and coming pre-integrated with GE Digital’s leading industrial apps Asset Performance Management (APM) and Operations Performance Management (OPM).
  • Support for data storage and analysis online, offline or with intermittent connectivity in remote environments, such as offshore oil rigs or disconnected use cases where internet connectivity is never available. Predix Edge then transfers key data back to the cloud when re-connected.
  • Edge-to-cloud security and compliance to protect data and operations. The hardened, embedded edge operating system helps manage connected devices and remotely deploy patches, giving users the ability to control security at a deeper level.
  • Low latency application deployment closer to the originating data, to enable companies with limited connectivity, regulatory requirements or other constraints a way to accelerate time to value.

Processing data and applying analytics close to the device can dramatically reduce downtime, optimize maintenance schedules, and add operational value, all while reducing network and cloud costs. Predix Edge and the Predix Cloud work seamlessly together to provide distributed IIoT processing and analytics where they’re needed most.

To further help simplify the IIoT process, GE Digital also unveiled Predix Private Cloud (PPC), an on-premises deployment of the Predix platform and portfolio, that offers companies maximum levels of security and privacy.

Already commercially available, PPC enables IIoT connectivity, data, analytics and applications – such as Predix applications or custom applications – to be hosted on-premises, providing customers with multiple ways to deploy the Predix platform. PPC helps companies operating in high data volume scenarios access data securely in near real time, enabling action when needed.

These new capabilities offer businesses flexibility when and where they operate – from Predix Edge for more time sensitive needs, to the Predix Cloud to satisfy longer term storage and heavier analytics workloads, or Predix Private Cloud for customers requiring an on-premises version of the Predix portfolio. These developments build on GE Digital’s commitment to help customers realize the power of the IIoT and make these technologies more accessible.

About GE Digital

GE Digital is reimagining how industrials build, operate and service their assets, unlocking machine data to turn valuable insights into powerful business outcomes. GE Digital’s Predix portfolio – including the leading Asset Performance Management and Field Service Management applications, as well as Predix Private Cloud – helps its customers manage the entire asset lifecycle. Underpinned by Predix, the leading application development platform for the Industrial Internet, GE Digital enables industrial businesses to operate faster, smarter and more efficiently, wherever their operations require.

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