GE Digital Announces Plant Applications v8.0 MES

GE Digital announced the availability of Plant Applications 8.0, a multi-modal Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Plant Applications 8.0 works to help manufacturers leverage real-time production data to optimize operations and is an enterprise scale MES that supports discrete, process and multi-modal manufacturing.

Plant Applications 8.0 is designed for adoption across the enterprise thanks to its interconnectors to manufacturers’ existing ERP systems and other software. The software is built for usability, making sure that everyone, from the plant floor to the C-suite, has the proper insights to make the best decisions at the right time.

Plant Applications 8.0 is also flexible. By making new containerized solutions and User Interface (UI) source code available to customers and integrators, manufacturers can adapt to changes in demand by adapting the software in-house.

Plant Applications 8.0 also provides foundational capabilities for GE Digital’s Predix Manufacturing Data Cloud (MDC). With Predix MDC, manufacturers can consolidate and transform manufacturing data in the cloud for secure, multi-site enterprise analytics.

Plant Applications 8.0 is generally available today as part of GE Digital’s suite of MES applications. Additional product details, user scenarios and demonstrations of Plant Applications 8.0 will be presented at GE Digital’s upcoming User Conference on September 24 in Austin, TX.

For more information, visit GE Digital website.

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