Fraysen, Tago Partner for IoT

The initiative extends the capabilities of Tago’s platform – which enables connectivity of IoT devices in a unified dashboard – by adding Fraysen’s proven analytical framework. The new technology will allow business leaders to make more informed decisions with the benefit of real-time feedback harvested from field IoT sensors across a global network.

“Big data represents a gold mine of opportunity, but few businesses truly understand how to capitalize on it,” says Finbar Gallagher, CEO of Fraysen Systems. “Data is only useful in its proper context. In order to benefit from the real power of IoT, businesses need tools that can sift through the confusing mass of raw data and display only the information that is relevant to the decision being made at the moment. Working with Tago will allow our technology to bridge this critical gap, and we’re all very excited about it.”

“Our customers have been asking for greater data analytics capability,” says Fabio Rosa, CEO and founder of Tago. “It’s great to provide this new functionality via Fraysen. Tago unifies data from diverse IoT devices; Fraysen analyzes and applies that data in context to customer’s businesses. It’s a natural fit.”

About Fraysen Systems

Fraysen is the systems architect that redesigns and automates your business processes to maximize efficiencies and optimize outcomes. Only Fraysen Systems understands how to analyze, integrate and share meaningful information across multiple platforms in real-time, making your complex systems simply work better: with clear ROI, shorter turnaround times and guaranteed scalability.

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About Tago

Tago is a flexible cloud-based platform that supports two-way communication with an unlimited number of IoT devices using a single uniform dashboard. Tago’s plug-and-play solution allows businesses to view real-time automated reports, create custom alerts, store and share data in a team environment. Tago has partnered with companies such as Texas Instruments, Sigfox and Gravittem to enhance their capabilities through the IoT platform.

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