Flow Science Releases FLOW-3D v12.0

SANTA FE, NM, Mar 15, 2019 – Flow Science, Inc. has announced a major release of their flagship CFD software, FLOW-3D. FLOW-3D v12.0 marks an important milestone in the design and functionality of the graphical user interface (GUI), which simplifies model setup and improves user workflows.

Steady-state accelerator (image source: Flow Science website)

A state-of-the-art Immersed Boundary Method brings greater accuracy to FLOW-3D v12.0’s solution. Other featured developments include the Sludge Settling Model, the 2-Fluid 2-Temperature Model, and the Steady State Accelerator, which allows users to model their free surface flows even faster.An extensive description of the v12.0 release improvements, is available at: https://www.flow3d.com/products/flow-3d/flow-3d-v12-0/

“FLOW-3D v12.0 includes new features and developments inboth the solver and the user interface. But without a doubt, the rejuvenation of the user interface steals the show. The UI modernization couples a new look withnumerous optimizations under the hood for a much-improved user experience,” said Amir Isfahani, CEO of Flow Science.

Outflow pressure boundary condition (image source: Flow Science website)

Isfahani further commented, “With version 12.0, we are laying the groundwork for a sophisticated user interface that will serve as the foundation for more application-specific CFD products in the pipeline. Stay tuned for those.”

About Flow Science

Flow Science, Inc. is a privately-held software company specializing in transient, free-surface CFD flow modeling software for industrial and scientific applications worldwide. Flow Science has distributors for FLOW-3D sales and support in nations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Flow Science’s headquarters is located in Santa Fe, NM.

Flow Science can be found online at www.flow3d.com.

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