Flashforge Selects ZW3D for 3D Printing, Modeling

ZWSOFT_logoGUANGZHOU, China, Nov 9, 2016 – ZW3D, one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the manufacturing industry, announced that it was chosen by ZHE JIANG FLASHFORGE 3D TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (Flashforge), a famous technology company aiming to help their customers design and print 3D models smoothly and ideally.

Flashforge is one of the first enterprises manufacturing professional desktop 3D printers. Collaborating with Tsinghua University, Flashforge is gilt-edged in the industry. Its products are of good quality, selling popularly in more than 30 countries and ranking top among best sellers on Amazon and Taobao.

The Need

Flashforge realized that more and more customers chose to purchase 3D printers to design and print themselves promptly. However, 3D printing based on 3D CAD design is not easy for the customers to handle if the operating system of the matching 3D CAD is complicated. Therefore, it became Flashforge’s priority to find an easy-to-learn and intelligent piece of 3D CAD software.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation, Flashforge chose ZW3D to accomplish their goal. ZW3D is  easy-to-learn. The user-friendly and streamlined workflow of ZW3D allows users, whether beginners or professionals, to master ZW3D in no time.

Concise as the interface is, the functions of ZW3D are powerful and can support the frontend design of 3D printing, making sure 3D models are of high quality.

ZW3D is also intelligent. With a high compatibility, ZW3D is able to work together with 3D printers smoothly, helping them design and manufacture models effectively. Besides, ZW3D also helps improve data accuracy. After introducing ZW3D, Flashforge managed to minimize the number of fractions and improve the radian and structure density of the models.

About Flashforge

Founded in 2011, Flashforge is a leader in the R&D and production of professional 3D printing equipment and supplies. It is endeavoring to popularize the 3D printing technique and forge a user-friendly and customized 3D printing system. Having established a complete industrial chain of 3D printing, Flashforge has an excellent performance in R&D, marketing and after-sale service


ZW3D is cost-effective CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining, which takes engineers from concept to finished product in one easy-to-use, single collaborative environment.

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