FCI Announces FLT93 Flow Switch for Duel-Fuel Engine Safety

Designers, builders and subcontractors responsible for the safe operation of new duel-fuel engines powering large cargo and commercial vessels can use the FLT93 Flow Switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) for safety in port as they changeover to clean burning LNG from the diesel fuel used at sea.

FCI’s FLT93 Switch detects vlow air flows from 0.3 to 120 ft/sec (0,1 to 37 m/sec) when installed on the 2-inch (Schedule 40) piping or double wall 4- or 6-inch Schedule 80) piping typically required in this application. For example, the primary flow alarm level trip point is set at 1 ft/sec (0,3 m/sec) to signal critical low flow conditions.  An optional second alarm is set at 6.6 ft/sec (2m/sec) to warn of decreasing air flow conditions.

Either a single FLT93 Switch, or if the design requires redundancy, a second FLT93

Switch can be inserted in a spool piece pipe section for integration into the engine fuel system.  The FLT93 Switch meets the engine fuel requirements for low flow sensitivity, provides dual-relays for both the low and no flow alarm trip points, carries global agency approvals for Div 1/Zone 1 use in hazardous areas and has both a 180-year mean time between failure (MBTF) and SIL 2 ratings.

The FLT93 Switch is hydrostatically proof pressure tested to 3500 psig [240 bar (g)] at 70°F (21°C). De-rated with temperature, the maximum operation service recommended is 2350 psig [162 bar (g)] at 500°F (260°C). Higher ratings are available with special construction and test certification. When required, the FLT93 Switch beats the heat too. Depending on the model and materials chosen, it withstands temperatures up to 850F (454C).

For more information, visit Fluid Components International website.

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