FairCom Releases c-treeEDGE IoT Database v2

BOSTON, MA, June 17, 2019 – FairCom Corp. announced the release of c-treeEDGE IoT Database V2, which includes new features that increase flexibility for data management in edge computing and improved integration with ThingWorx. The product launch announcement occurred during the LiveWorx digital transformation event for the industrial enterprise in Boston.

c-treeEDGE is a unique data management solution that empowers organizations to perform fast, transaction-controlled database operations on the edge while opening the door for mission-critical, and possibly, life-saving decisions to be made much faster without the need to rely solely on the cloud. Among the new features in c-treeEDGE V2 are automatic data aggregation, massively parallel data replication, and OPC UA support. c-treeEDGE is based on the same technology that powers FairCom’s flagship product: c-treeACE, a unified multimodel database, which is used by leading organizations such as Verizon, UPS, Software AG and Rockwell Automation. Like in c-treeACE, FairCom’s NAV API has a prominent role in c-treeEDGE by providing unique speed and developer control.

“FairCom added specific features to c-treeEDGE to make it easy to collect, aggregate, synchronize, and process data across the edge, IT networks and the cloud,” said FairCom chief architect Mike Bowers. “c-treeEDGE has a very small footprint and runs quickly on embedded devices and larger machines. It supports all major operating systems and hardware configurations. These features make it realistic for an application to process data at or near the location where data is generated. This opens the door for faster, smarter and more efficient operations on the edge.”

Also released today, was the improved c-treeEDGE IoT Database connection to PTC’s ThingWorx IIoT platform, which provides users of the ThingWorx IIoT platform development environment an easy avenue to integrate with their c-treeEDGE Database. Available on ThingWorx’s marketplace for any developer to use, the connection allows for replication to the cloud, easy data mapping and modeling and enhanced integration with PTC’s AlwaysOn protocol.

According to FairCom Chief Officer of Operations Alysha Brown, c-treeEDGE V2 is designed to provide organizations with flexibility, and rapid development of applications running on the edge.

“FairCom has a history of producing solutions that provide developers with the ability to build databases that meet their unique needs. c-treeEDGE is no exception,” Brown said. “This version of the c-treeEDGE Database is a powerful tool for mission-critical operations in edge computing and Internet of Things environments, especially for developers who use ThingWorx. And as with our flagship product, c-treeACE, developers will be able to easily evolve their c-treeEDGE Database as technology and business requirements change.”

Detailed information about the c-treeEDGE IoT Database is available at FairCom.com.

Key Benefits

  • Edge data storage: Keep mission-critical data close to the source, and readily available
  • Mission-critical ops: Improved resilience for real-time IoT decision making
  • Fast: High-speed data collection at the edge
  • Data quality control: Guarantee data quality using transactional edge persistence
  • IoT specific: Built for IoT applications to run on major operating systems and hardware platforms
  • Security: Transmit only the data needed and store all data securely at the edge
  • Database as a microservice: Uses both SQL and NoSQL microservices to collect, query and analyze data in real time for IoT systems, through its exclusive NAV API technology
  • Analytics-tool neutral: Compatible with nearly all analytics tools for use over actual real-time data
  • Competitive micro footprint

What’s New in c-treeEDGE V2

  • ThingWorx Integration: Visual data mapping, automatic modeling, automatic updates and many more
  • Massively Parallel Data Replication: Asynchronous, automatic replication between multiple databases in any direction, drag-and-drop management and many more
  • Automatic Data Aggregation: Automatic timestamps and aggregation of numeric data, user-defined aggregation methods, windows and retention periods
  • Extensibility: Custom plug-in modules with modifiable example code
  • OPC UA Client: Certified OPC UA client, binary protocol for better performance and improved security and SDK for custom integration
  • SQL: ANSI SQL with ODBC and JDBC and integration with all BI and analytic tools
  • Browser-based Database Administration: SQL Explorer, ISAM Explorer and Database Monitor

IoT Platforms

  • PTC/ThingWorx
  • Node-RED

Operating Systems

  • Linux – ARM, x86
  • Windows 10 – x86
  • Windows IoT – ARM, x86
  • Raspbian – ARM (Raspberry Pi)
  • Android & Android Things – ARM
  • Ubuntu Core – ARM, x86
  • c-tree has been ported to more than 100 platforms. It runs on all major operating systems, CPU architectures, and is compiled by all major compilers. Additional platforms are available on request.

Communication Interfaces

  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • JSON

 Client Libraries

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • Node.js
  • Python

About FairCom

FairCom Corp. is a software industry pioneer and a global database technology leader. Its reputation of innovation began in 1979 and continues today with fast, reliable products that are trusted by organizations in a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise level organizations, including Fortune 100 members. The FairCom c-tree-based product line includes the customizable c-treeACE unified multimodel database, the c-treeRTG “Ready-to-Go” data management solutions for legacy systems and the new c-treeEDGE IoT database for computing on the edge.

Additional information about FairCom is available at FairCom.com.

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