Ewellix Announces CEMC Series Electro-Mechanical Actuator

The next generation CEMC Series electro-mechanical actuator, with inverted roller screw technology, has been designed by Ewellix to help car manufacturers develop IoT-ready welding lines.

The CEMC Series actuator has a set of built-in sensors which stops them from being exposed during the manufacturing process without impacting on the overall dimensions of the actuator. The sensors provide manufacturers with precision force measurements to ensure the force is being applied by the welding gun to maintain a high-quality weld.

It is also 10 percent lighter than previous versions of the actuator, has a capacity of 25kN and linear speeds up to 300mm per second providing increased productivity. In addition, the actuator delivers up to 20 million spot welds over its lifetime which has doubled the period of time provided before needing to replace the welding gun.

The relubrication period has also been extended from every two to every 10 million spot welds, which means there is now only one relubrication required during the lifetime of the actuator.

For more information, visit Ewellix website.

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