Eurocom Adds Quadro Family of GPU’s to Sky X7C

Eurocom has added the Quadro-line of NVIDIA GPU’s in Eurocom’s 17.3” Supercomputer-class Mobile Workstation- the EUROCOM SKY X7C. With this addition, the Sky X7C now supports a total of three GPU families from NVIDIA, previously being capable of only supporting graphics cards from the RTX and GTX lines of NVIDIA GPU’s. The X7C offers a perfect balance of performance, compelling features, and compact form factor capable of delivering an incredible creative experience and productivity across a variety of professional 3D programs.

Eurocom Sky X7C Mobile Supercomputer:,430,0)SkyX7C

Quadro GPU’s available for the Eurocom Sky X7C
Quadro Model VRAM CUDA Cores MXM Version Wattage
P5000 16 GB GDDR5 2048 3.1 100 W
P4000 8 GB GDDR5 1792 3.1B 100 W
P3000 6 GB GDDR5 1280 3.1B 75 W

NVIDIA Quadro Technology:

According to NVIDIA, “Quadro brings desktop-class performance to mobile workstations to enable incredibly powerful, thin and light form factors.” When it comes to industrial design, advanced special effects and complex scientific visualisation, Quadro-based GPU’s are built to accelerate a range of professional workflow and are trusted by many as the top visual computing platform.

“Enjoy the ultimate creative freedom- tackle complex datasets with ease, render photorealistic images interactively and develop life-like VR experiences on-the-go.” – NVIDIA.

Real World Applications of NVIDIA Quadro-based Solutions
NVIDIA Quadro for Manufacturing Solutions • Designers and engineers can create models with larger assemblies and larger numbers of components, render with higher image quality, or resolution.
• Use real-world physics, lighting, and materials during interactive design and visualize with photo-realistic image quality.
• Combine multiple Quadro cards to provide incredible rendering power for larger, more demanding rendering workloads.
NVIDIA Quadro for Media & Entertainment Solutions • Editors can work in real-time with HDR content and up to 5K full resolution on more complex projects with more layers and effects.
• 3D texture painting artists can enjoy more creative flexibility in their workflow by keeping a larger number of textures and assets in graphics memory.
• Visual effects artists can create the more complex models, maintaining a larger number of assets in graphics memory and streamlining their workflow.
NVIDIA Quadro for AEC Solutions • Architects can create larger models with more details, creating structures with greater levels of realism.
• Urban designers can create models with more detail and complexity.

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Eurocom is the leading developer of long-lifespan, fully-upgradable laptops, as well as, high-performance mobile workstations and mobile servers since 1989. Eurocom prides itself as an Industry leader in providing ground-breaking technology and continues to engineer innovative solutions that inspire individuals and companies to new growth and development. Eurocom offers up to Intel i9 9900K 8Cores/16Threads processors, up to NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPU’s, up to 64GB of DDR4 memory and up to 22TB of internal storage space.

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