eQuorum Releases ImageSite v9.3


As workflow management becomes more and more important, eQuorum has updated its Workflow functionality with an all new, fast, and friendly user interface. Each workflow step/action displays clear and concise instructions, timing, and appropriate notifications. Step approvals, delegations and escalations can all be done with a single click.

Scott Brandt, CEO of eQuorum, remarked, “This is really cutting edge stuff, I don’t believe anyone else has HTML5 viewers with mobile access that can employ the device’s camera. The days of carrying drawings into the field or onto the production floor are numbered. And IoT access is around the corner.”

Additional major new features and enhancements in ImageSite 9.3 include:

  • My Workflows panel in the Dashboard – All workflows applicable to the user are displayed in the user’s Dashboard, with workflow actions needing the user’s urgent attention clearly identified
  • My Notifications panel in the Dashboard – All notifications applicable to a user, whether from workflows, lifecycles, or event monitors are consolidated into the single Dashboard panel, in addition to any email notifications a user receives
  • Mobile markups include pictures and video – The Markup palette now utilizes the device’s camera and photo album to add pictures and video to drawings and documents, whether in the field, on the production floor, or back in the office
  • Display and download name capability – File and folder names can be displayed as any combination of attributes, including the Windows file name. Download the display name as the file name to assist in versioning and tracking of files sent to vendors, contractors, and customers
  • Revit support in ImageSite – Manage your Revit Central Model files, keeping versions for historical audit trails and backup, as well as Model sheets and views sent to contractors and customers
  • AutoCAD 2016 support – support for AutoCAD 2016 in ImageSite and Plot Station
  • SOLIDWORKS 2016 support – support for SOLIDWORKS 2016 in ImageSite and Plot Station
  • Named user license support – For Engine-Box.com (ImageSite in the Cloud), customers can select named user licenses or concurrent user licenses.

About eQuorum

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, eQuorum is the developer of the ImageSite suite of products, an enterprise-wide document management/PLM system with departmental level pricing. ImageSite can be implemented as both an internal document management/PLM system and as a cloud-based collaboration solution with affiliates, customers, and vendors for a wide variety of industries. eQuorum provides solutions including its software, business workflow consulting, training, and implementation services to help customers quickly realize the productivity benefits of their solutions.

For additional information regarding eQuorum’s products and services, please call 404.497.8110 or visit the company’s website http://www.eQuorum.com.

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