EPLAN Preplanning v2.7 Released, Adds Piping Module

SCHAUMBURG, IL, Nov 6, 2017 – The inclusion of a piping module in the new 2.7 release of EPLAN Preplanning adds a powerful tool for accelerating the initial phase of engineering machines, production lines, and even entire plants.

Using EPLAN Preplanning, earlier acquisition and definition of project information and planning – equal parts- graphic and database-oriented – helps structure, integrate and accelerate all stages of project development, from basic engineering to detailed engineering.

EPLAN Preplanning 2.7 upgrade adds piping module.

The value of this new module is that project conception is even easier. Users can now define piping with source and destination before having to draw a P&I diagram. EPLAN Preplanning employs what are known as connection-planning objects, thatdefines which segments are connected to one another and describe, for example, piping or cabling. With the new piping module’s Segment Template Navigator, users determine the piping to be used with all relevant data, including the pipe class as well as the specific substance flowing through the respective piping, whether liquid or gaseous. Users no longer have to undergo the time consuming process of individually inputting the data in segments and piping definitions – thereby accelerating the preplanning phase.

The piping’s course is determined automatically. The pipe class and additional data can be stored as connections, connection definition points and functions. The selected piping can be color-coded using the pipe routing, and adding additional auto-connect lines allow the pipe routing to be expanded piece by piece via all accessible connections on the P&I diagrams. The result provides a solid foundation on which to proceed to detailed engineering on other EPLAN Platform CAE products like EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Fluid.

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EPLAN Software & Service is one of the world’s leading service providers for developing computer aided engineering (CAE), configuration and mechatronic solutions and advises companies on how to optimize their engineering processes. Both standardized as well as customized interfaces to ERP and PLM/PDM systemsensures data consistency in product development, order processing and manufacturing. Factors for success in engineering include a consistent customer focus, global support and innovative development and interface expertize. As a global player, EPLAN supports over 45,000 customers around the world with more than 120,000 installations through outstanding product quality and maximum efficiency increases. EPLAN was founded in 1984 and is part of the owner-operated FriedhelmLoh Group. The FriedhelmLoh Group operates worldwide with 18 production sites and 78 international subsidiaries. The entire group employs more than 11,500 people and generated revenues of around €2.2 billion in 2015.

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