EpiGrid Partners with Lume

EpiGrid and Lume deliver hosted platform for CAD, GPU intensive applications

EpiGrid and Lume deliver hosted platform for CAD, GPU intensive applications

EpiGrid has been a long-time SOLIDWORKS Certified Service Partner, offering hosted and managed SOLIDWORKS PDM solutions. By partnering with Lume for the infrastructure to deliver SOLIDWORKS in the cloud, EpiGrid is now the only SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Partner of its kind.

“We are the only certified SOLIDWORKS solution partner offering a private cloud solution with virtualized environments that is also a Certified SOLIDWORKS Service Partner,” said Chad Garrish, EpiGrid’s chief technical officer. “This is a significant differentiator as we are capable of providing a true end-to-end engineering cloud environment” added Garrish.

Focused on Performance

Engineers use CAD programs to regularly create graphics-intensive 3D assembly models. Previously, delivering a full-blown, hosted CAD program has created considerable challenges.

The performance and functionalities of the applications suffered greatly when deployed in public cloud environments (AWS, Azure, etc.) and those of other providers.

By partnering with Lume to architect, deploy, and manage the infrastructure, EpiGrid was able to ‘crack the code’ and deliver a managed environment that can meet the performance requirements of today’s engineers. “Our goal at EpiGrid was to build the best GPU capable VDI platform on the market. Customers who use graphic intensive programs are in a transitional phase and are looking for capable cloud for solutions – we built it and they are coming,” said Garrish.

“We chose Lume because, frankly, they had the capabilities and expertise that no other provider had. They sat and listened to what we were trying to do and jumped right in. Lume went and engineered and architected a private cloud solution for our VDI environment that would, not only allow us to deliver our solutions from the cloud, but the speed, performance, and user experience far surpasses anything we could have imagined,” added Garrish.

“We’ve been delivering VDI solutions for more than 10 years,” said Brooks Snow, chief technology officer of Lume. “We’ve always wanted to build and deliver a ‘CAD in the Cloud’ environment. Working with EpiGrid has allowed us to build, what we believe is, the fastest and most cost-effective CAD VDI offering in the world. Their expertise in SOLIDWORKS and our partnership allows us both to reach a global engineering audience. They are true experts in their industry and we couldn’t be happier to be working with them,” added Snow.

EpiGrid plans to publish comparison and performance data of their environment soon.

EpiGrid will be a featured exhibitor at the SOLIDWORKS World 2017. The company will have a demo environment that will allow users to experience their solutions first hand.

About Lume 

Lume provides private cloud, data center, and hybrid infrastructure solutions. Utilizing their global network and data center footprint, they provide solutions for companies that need help getting to the cloud or improving their existing cloud infrastructure.

Built on redundant, enterprise-grade infrastructure, their solutions are tailored to meet client specific needs. Lume delivers premium solutions that provide more control, better performance, and increased reliability.

About EpiGrid

EpiGrid enables desktop and server engineering computing from anywhere from any device, including thin clients. EpiGrid deployments are implemented with a private cloud. A private cloud offers control, security, and persistence which gives the user a regular desktop experience. Offering cloud computing that can be combined with on-premise computing, EpiGrid can deliver a seamless engineering computing environment that is reliable, secure, economical, and optimized.

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