EON Reality, TXI Center Partner to Open IDC in Taipei

IRVINE, CA, Oct 24, 2018 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in augmented and virtual reality (AVR) based knowledge transfer for industry and education, and TXI Center announce a partnership to establish an Interactive Digital Center (IDC) in Taipei. The IDC will build upon the local government’s plan to develop the AVR industry in the country and provide a world-class facility to introduce more of the technology into the local culture and economy.

Dignitaries from the partners involved in establishing the Interactive Digital Center in Taipei.

TXI Center’s focus on technology and innovation as it relates to education, the new IDC will target both the education and aerospace industries while also maintaining a strong emphasis on entertainment. The IDC will feature an interactive showroom, development lab, and training academy that will serve as a hub for the development and improvement of new technology and ideas.

“Partnering with companies like TXI allows us to bring AVR technology to areas that wouldn’t otherwise have access to it,” said Dan Lejerskar, founder of EON Reality. “A group like TXI already has the connections in place within the technology sector in Taipei, and we’re glad to be able to add our unique services to the growing industry out here.”

Aside from the technology and knowledge offered at the IDC, the facility will also help to develop Taipei’s growing workforce by training hundreds of experts in EON Reality’s AVR Platform. Looking ahead, EON Reality’s new location in Taipei also hopes to not only train people in using the AVR Platform, but also emphasize the growing global development network and widespread distribution of EON Reality’s services and software.

With several million dollars already budgeted by the government for more education and usage of AR and VR in the coming years, EON Reality Taipei is considering further expansion in order to meet the demands of the energy and manufacturing industries — both of which serve as major sectors of the area’s economy.

“In recent years, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has promoted the development of the ‘digital economy’ industry, and the application of VR and AR is an indispensable key project,” said Lu Zhenghua, Director of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China. “In the future, the development of the digital economy-related industries will become the focus of China’s economic growth.”

For more information, please visit EON Reality’s website and watch for more updates surrounding the IDC in Taipei.

About EON Reality

EON Reality is the world leader in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) based knowledge transfer for industry and education. EON Reality’s success is tied to its belief that knowledge is a human right and should be available, accessible, and affordable for every human on the planet. To carry this out, EON Reality, since 1999, has developed the de-facto standard for augmented reality and Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer software that supports devices from mobile phones to large immersive domes. EON Reality’s global app development network, with twenty-two locations worldwide, has created the world’s leading AR/VR library for knowledge transfer with over 8,000 applications. Over 40 million people worldwide have downloaded these applications.

For further information, visit www.eonreality.com.

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