Envenio Opens Office in Netherlands

NEW BRUNSWICK, Canada, Sep 14, 2017 – Canadian-headquartered Envenio has officially opened an office in the Netherlands, as part of an ongoing, global expansion strategy. The office is the company’s first in mainland Europe.

The office, located in Arnhem, is just minutes from the thriving tech and ICT hub of Amsterdam, a city brimming with creative and innovative companies. In addition, the area is home to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) – one of the world’s largest data transport hubs. A host of tech conferences for start-ups take place throughout the year, and the city is an exciting and vibrant location for forward-thinking engineering software firms such as Envenio.

The office will be led by Business Development Representative, Nick Mobertz, who will oversee the expansion and promotion of Envenio’s on-demand, cloud-hosted CFD solver, EXN/Aero. The software is already used by organizations and individuals around the world, making CFD easily accessible and affordable.

“We are delighted to have launched an office in the Netherlands,” says Scott Walton, VP of Envenio.

“Europe is a hub for CFD and simulation engineering, with some of the world’s leading companies and engineers based here. Our new office location means we can work with these companies and engineers to deliver on-demand, cloud-based CFD through our EXN/Aero solver, and contribute towards future innovation and growth,” he adds.

About Envenio & EXN/Aero

Envenio is a Canadian-based CFD software developer, responsible for the creation of on-demand, cloud-hosted CFD tool, EXN/Aero. EXN/Aero is a general purpose computational fluid dynamics, cloud solver that speeds up simulation runs by an order of magnitude. Compatible with most meshing tools, and using open source post-processing, there are a range of on-demand options available to users, helping them to overcome common limitations in their everyday work. Ideal for CFD consulting, this CFD software is sure to be an asset to companies or CFD freelancers like.

For more information, visit www.envenio.com.

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