Encoder Products Introduces Linear Measurement Solution

Encoder Products Company (EPC) has introduced a new linear measurement solution: a bracket that fits all of EPC’s Size 25 Shaft Encoders with 2.5″ flange mounts, including absolute and programmable encoders.

Encoder Products 25SP Bracket

The bracket works with:

  • The Model MA63S absolute encoder. With resolution up to 14 bits Single Turn and 39 bits Multi-Turn, the MA63S is available in either SSI or CANopen output.
  • The Model 725I. In addition to the rated bearing load of 80 lbs, this fully isolated encoder-within-an-encoder uses an internal flexible mount and independent set of bearings to protect the encoder from the effects of severe axial and radial shaft loading.
  • The programmable Model 25SP Accu-CoderPro, which offers programmable output type, waveform, and resolution.

EPC also offers a variety of measuring wheels designed specifically to fit the mounting bracket.

About Encoder Products Company

Encoder Products Company (EPC) is a designer and world-wide manufacturer of motion sensing devices. EPC began operations in 1969, producing a line of custom encoders from a small, home-based shop. Today, EPC is the privately-held encoder manufacturer in North America, producing a complete line of incremental and absolute rotary encoders and accessories.

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