Emerson Releases Micro Motion 4200 2-Wire Transmitter

Emerson has released the Micro Motion 4200 2-wire loop-powered Coriolis transmitter, a design that makes it possible to replace existing 2-wire flow devices. The device can accommodate a  line size  of 4” and offers an onboard real-time clock for diagnostics. The unit is available in a remote-mount option for applications that require the transmitter to be located separately from the sensor.

The 4200 transmitter provides a viable migration path where Coriolis meters were previously not practical as a 2-wire solution, either due to restrictions on running additional wiring or a lack of power sources. The unit is also a solution for greenfield applications.

The meter provides mass flow and density measurements, comes standard with Smart Meter Verification, that checks the structural integrity of the tubes. The data historian, with up to 14 days of storage and a real-time clock, facilitates trouble-shooting by time-stamping process data, audit trails and reports. The 4200 is also SIL 2-capable with single use and SIL 3-capable with multiple meters.

For more information, visit Emerson website.

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