Elysium Releases Data Package Studio Plug-in

HAMAMATSU, Japan, Feb 28, 2019 – Elysium, the global interoperability solutions provider, has announced the release of Data Package Studio, a new feature that supports broader reporting capabilities and more efficient collaboration.

Data Package Studio works inside Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

The software, a direct plug-in to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, allows users to freely customize and design the layout of 3D PDF reports being created in Adobe for CAD data. Such customizable reports not only give users the ability to edit and reorganize 3D CAD data but also allow them to fully utilize a model’s embedded intelligence in a way that is easily accessible for downstream consumption by marketing, procurement, and other non-engineering disciplines.

The easy interchange of product information and design templates provided by Data Package Studio supports the kind of collaborative communication that is becoming increasingly critical as manufacturers move toward the all-digital product development environment. Reports can be created for various use cases such as:

  • Product definition
  • Quality assurance
  • Validation for derivatives
  • Inspection
  • Lightweight/visual representations
  • Archival packages (LoTAR)/certification
  • Engineering change requests, notifications/orders

Data Package Studio is supported by Elysium’s enterprise and desktop-level solutions and also works in conjunction with their CAD Validator software. CAD Validator is a module inside ASFALIS, the company’s high-fidelity solution for multi-CAD data exchange and optimization. This enables accurate, automatic, seamless and secure communication of CAD data between enterprises, divisions, and teams throughout the digital product lifecycle. High-fidelity of all CAD models within Data Package Studio is ensured through the use of APIs during processing to preserve the accuracy of geometry, PMI and attributes.

“Data Package Studio allows our customers to better realize their vision of leveraging CAD and its related reports at a new enterprise-level,” says Annalise Suzuki, director of technology and engagement for Elysium. “They are finding greater success achieving true model-based processes. CAD is being delivered effortlessly now to a variety of different consumers within the PLM-focused organization. The best part is that authorized users have the flexibility to quickly tailor each package according to its exact intention.”

About Elysium

Elysium is a software company that has been in the forefront of 3D geometry handling and data translation for over 3 decades.

With the rapid spread of 3D data and move towards accomplishing MBD/MBE initiatives, Elysium has been providing industry leading 3D interoperability and point cloud solutions throughout the world including industry leaders such as Boeing, Daimler, Renault F1 Team, Toyota and more than 3,500 other companies.

Elysium also has OEM partnerships with leading companies worldwide. Elysium has its global headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan as well as R&D and marketing offices in the US and Europe. With more than 90 employees worldwide and network of international partners and distributors, Elysium has become the de facto standard for many world-class companies.

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