Elephant Robotics Releases Catbot Smart Assistant Robotic Arms

Elephant Robotics announced the development of an “all in one” robotic arm concept, with an integrated design that follows the path of desktop-to-notebook evolution.

Elephant Robotics has created an integrated design intended to simplify the cost of production.

Their robotics approach is initiating access to the robotics world through optional actuators. They developed 2 sizes of motors and drive modules in the robotic arm. This modular design allows to reduce SKUs in volume manufacturing and reduce production.

Elephant Robotics approach is pioneering access to the robotics world to a category of small businesses that doesn’t need to learn coding, helps them “shape” the robot to perform a variety of tasks in a safe manner.

Elephant Robotics created a platform where they add and update the skills that the robotics can perform. Being an open platform, it allows everyone to peruse the list of skills available and modify them to suit their own small business needs. This way the small business concentrates only on the variety of applications.

For more information, visit Elephant Robotics website.

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