Electro-Chemical Introduces CE800 Cation Analyzer

Engineers responsible for steam turbine electric power generation systems will find the CE800 Cation Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) provides a solution to the measurement of conductivity in water, which helps them protect boilers and steam turbines from corrosion.

ECD’s CE800 Analyzer Series is a family of on-line cation conductivity analyzers that have been designed with ECD’s S80 Sensor and uT80 Transmitter. The S80 Sensor digitally communicates with the T80 Transmitter, automatically configuring the transmitter’s menus and display screens to the chosen parameter, including conductivity, resistivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, ORP and specific ions.

Cation conductivity is also known as “acid conductivity” and “conductivity after cation exchange”. It is the measurement of the electrolytic conductivity of a liquid sample (water) after that sample has passed through the CE800 Analyzer’s ion exchange cation resin columns. The CE800 Analyzer’s S80 sensor is available in two conductivity measurement ranges: (1) a low range sensor for measurements from 0.05 to 50µS and (2) a high range sensor for measurements from 50 to 50mS.

When the CE800 Analyzer discovers conductivity levels above the normal pre-set range in samples of feed water, make-up water or steam, it reports the data to the plant’s process control system. Technicians are alerted to the above normal level of conductivity in the water, which likely indicates the presence of harmful contaminants. These contaminants over a relatively short time can lead to corrosion that impacts the efficiency of the boilers and turbines.

This CE800 Analyzer features the capabilities of the ECD T80 Transmitters and S80 Sensors for conductivity and pH if so desired. Outputs include 4 to 20 mA, relays and MODBUS communication. The HART communication protocol also is available as an option.

The CE800 Analyzer has a 128-x-64 pixel (2.75-x-1.5-inch) LCD display. The display is available in either black on grey with no backlight or blue on a white background with the LED backlight.

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