EGE Announces SNS 552 Flow Sensor

For flow measurement of water and water-based media in large pipes, EGE has launched the SNS 552 flow sensor that features an I/O-Link interface and a digital display. The device facilitates readout of flow volumes by showing liter or cubic meter measurements on a display that can be rotated for better visibility. In addition, the responsive sensor is resistant to temperature variations and provides integrated temperature measurements in a range from 0 to +80 °C.

The device can be parameterized with buttons or via I/O-Link. Two outputs for flow and temperature can be optionally configured as analog or switching outputs. On request, the SNS 552 is available with a teach-in input for rapid adjustment when used with various mediums. Due to the built-in I/O-Link functionality, set-up of the flow sensors is accomplished from a PC or laptop, and the devices can be integrated into any widely-used bus system.

For more information, visit EGE website.

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